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Does this really work?


Hello guys, i came accross webpage that is: https://kaliyahcrypto.code.blog/2018/09/27/how-to-get-up-to-40-000-a-month-with-simple-mining/ but i doubt because, it sounds to good to be truth, but on the other side i just didnt find any sort of scam in all this. did anybody try this already and how legit is that post? can anybody give me his opinion on this?

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If it sounds too good to be true, then usually it is ?

This offer is a simple pyramid scheme, that relies on signing up an extremely high number of other members in order to make any profit. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme.

As shown on Wikipedia, in order to reach the 10th level of earning (with a branching factor of 6) you would need to sign up more than 60 million users! It's not necessarily a "scam" in the sense that you won't lose money on it, but you'll definitely lose time. And the profits they promise are practically impossible.

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