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As in the site Bitsler does not have the options to stop in the automatic mode, below is a simple code, but of good help for those who need to put limits in the values gained or lost. Just adjust the highlighted values of negative and positive values, open the browser console, paste and Enter that the script will be activated, to remove just refresh the page. Good games to you.


var profitPositivo=    0.00000005   ; //Stop Over Profit
$('<p><strong id="lucro" style="font-size:20px;color:#CCFF00">Dogecoin Donation: D5sUHNdoC3drCuGavgFnqBPSDGve41epVV </strong> </p>').insertAfter('#btn-bet-start-pilot-dice');
var profitNegativo= -  0.00000005   ; //Stop Under Profit
$('<p><strong id="lucro" style="font-size:20px;color:#0099CC">Original Bot Channel: Rotina de Sucesso </strong> </p>').insertAfter('#btn-bet-start-pilot-dice');
var profitAtual=parseFloat($('#current-profit').html());
if (profitAtual.toFixed(8) >= profitPositivo){
if (profitAtual.toFixed(8) <= profitNegativo){$('#btn-bet-stop-pilot-dice').click();}

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Thanks for sharing! Have you considered turning any of these scripts into Chrome extensions for convenience?

P.S. For future reference, you can also format code using the dedicated button in the text editor toolbar. Then it'll look like this:

<insert your code here>


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10 minutes ago, AlphaBeta said:

Obrigado por compartilhar! Já pensou em transformar qualquer um desses scripts em extensões do Google Chrome por conveniência?

PS Para referência futura, você também pode formatar o código usando o botão dedicado na barra de ferramentas do editor de texto. Então ficará assim:



Thanks for the help ... I'm not really programmer, I'm pretty dedicated to the dice game, I study the behavior of the game, I test strategies, I look for patterns in the system that can be exploited, I have friends with some programmers linked to these sites, I try get useful info lol ... but I have a basic knowledge of javascript so I set some to help in the game.

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