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hi bitcoiners

i just started using a bitcoin mining script on my websites to mine bitcoin with my website traffic. it works really great. payouts are made automatically every day. just implement the script in your website and start mining real bitcoin.





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    • By root66
      hi bitcoiners
      i have just invested 0.002 btc in a brand new Bitcoin mining platform which gives you 300 gh/s for free and lets you mine bitcoin straight to your wallet. Minimum withdraw is 0.00025 btc. Want to give it a try and start mining Bitcoin with 300 gh/s for free?
      Here it is: WEBSITE

    • By root66
      Hi bitcoiners
      Are you trying to earn some free bitcoin? Have a look at this very innovative free chrome like browser that mines bitcoin for you by using it. I have used it for several month now and have been paid every time (about 20 times). They even have a 10 level referral program which enables you to earn up to several Bitcoin per month for free. If you refer 5 of your facebook friends and they again refer 5 of their facebook friends and these referred friends do refer 5 active users again up to the 10th level you will end up with over 9 million referrals mining about $40.000 per month in Bitcoin per month for you!

      Here are some of my latest payouts (more will be posted in the comments below - so follow this post!)

      Want to try this great Bitcoin mining browser and earn a passive Bitcoin income?
      Here is your Bitcoin Mining Browser
    • By root66
      Hi bitcoiners
      i have been using the BITCOIN MAKER google chrome extension to mine a good (increasing) amount of Bitcoin for free. This is no virus or ponzi investment scheme. Its a very easy & clever Bitcoin cloud mining extension. Min. withdraw is 0.0004 BTC. Wanna try? All you need is this website:
      Here are my recent payouts:

    • By root66
      hi crypto friends
      i just found an amazing Bitcoin mining chrome extension which can mine about 1 btc per month and even much more. Just let it run in your browser background and earn a good passive income. Here are my earning for the last 2 month:

      They do offer a 10 level affiliate program which can boost your earnings exponentially like shown below. The more people you refer and they refer and so on - the more you earn! So basically invite all your facebook friends to join and ask them to share their link with all their friends. Click "Get Boost" to calculate your potential earnings. If you get 5 of your facebook friends to become active users of this extension. And they themselfs get 5 of their friends to become active users and those friends again get 5 of their friends... and so on 10 levels. This would earn you 5.07 BTC per month in passive income!!!

      Want to start mining Bitcoin with this extension? Here it is:
      Happy mining! 
    • By root66
      Hi forum
      if you are looking for a free browser mining website to mine 10 different coins (btc, ltc, eth, doge...) online please have a look at:
      happy mining 
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