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hi bitcoiners

i just started using a bitcoin mining script on my websites to mine bitcoin with my website traffic. it works really great. payouts are made automatically every day. just implement the script in your website and start mining real bitcoin.





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    • By The LostCarlos
      Airdrop & Bounty 30,000,000,000 Going To 10,000,000 Bounty Hunters!

    • By The LostCarlos
      Frequently asked Questions
        We have listed the most frequently asked questions by our members.
      1. What is this site?
      It is a free mining site that offers free mining services using the best servers in the world.
      2. Who is suitable for your services?
      Everyone can use our service for free. There are no restrictions.
      3. Do I have to make a deposit?
      No. Our service is completely free. You do not need to make any investment.
      4. Can I do mining every day?, you can do free mining every day.
      5. Do you charge any fees for withdrawals?
      No. We do not charge you any fee.
      6. Which crypto coins can you mining?
      Only bitcoin mining is done through our site.
      7. When are payments made?
      Payments are usually made instantly. It can take several hours according to the density.
      8. Can I use more than one account?
      Creating multiple accounts by a user is strictly prohibited. In such a case, all accounts are automatically suspended.
      9. Does the project offer an affiliate program?
      Yes, there's the program. You can earn 10% on every member you bring to the site.
      10. What is the minimum amount to withdraw?
      Anyone who reaches the amount of 0.35 Bitcoin can request payment.
      11. Why is payment taking so long?
      Payments to avoid problems, please use (coinone, bitbank, bitfinex, binance, coinbase, indodax).
      What is Bitcoin Mining?
        You can earn cryptic money by mining, without having to deposit money. However, you certainly don't have to be a miner who has his own encryption. You can also buy crypto by using the Fiat currency (USD, EUR, AUR, etc.); you can trade on a stock exchange like Bitstamp using another crypto (for example: Using Ethereum or NEO to purchase Bitcoin); You can even win by playing video games or by publishing blog posts on crypto-paying platforms to their users. An example of the latter is Steemit, which is similar to the Medium type, except that users can reward bloggers by paying in a proprietary crypto currency called Steem. Steem can then be bought and sold elsewhere for Free Bitcoin Mining.   In addition to the lining of the miners' pockets, mining serves a second and vital purpose: this is the only way to circulate the new crypto currency. In other words, miners are basically printing money. For example, in February 2019, there were some 17.5 million Bitcoins in circulation. In addition to the coins printed by the Genesis block (the first block created by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto himself), each of these Bitcoins emerged due to miners. In the absence of miners, Bitcoin would still be available and would be available, but no additional Bitcoin would be available. Bitcoin mining will come to an end; According to the Bitcoin Protocol, the number of Bitcoins will be closed at 21 million.   In addition to the short-term Bitcoin return, being a miner can give you sıra voting sıra power when changes to the Bitcoin protocol are recommended. In other words, a successful miner affects decision-making on issues such as bifurcation.
        One of the main questions many people have about Bitcoin is turning around the markers themselves. When it comes to questions about its value, safety and history, it's all in one place: where do bitcoins come from?   Bitcoins are katılım mining: by Bitcoin miners, while traditional coins are being created through the central bank: network participants performing additional tasks. In particular, they incorporate them into the Bitcoin blocks they find, chronologically ordering operations. This prevents the user from spending the same bitcoin twice; Solves the problem of ”double spending“.   Jumping over the technical details is a lot like finding a block of lottery. For every chance to try and find each experiment, which is a random estimate for a lucky number, a miner should spend a small amount of energy. Most trials fail and a miner wastes this energy. Once every ten minutes a miner will succeed in a place and thus add a new block to the block chain.   This also means that when a miner has found a valid block, he must have burned statistically more energy for all failed attempts. This id proof of business kanı is at the heart of Bitcoin's success.   First, proof of work prevents miners from creating fine airborne bitcoins: they need to burn the real energy to win. Second, the proof of business ossizes the history of Bitcoin. If an attacker wanted to try and replace a transaction that had taken place in the past, he would have to do all the work done again since the attacker had to capture and build the longest chain. This is almost impossible and the miners are said to keep the Bitcoin network ağ safe Bu.   There is a special transaction in each new block, in exchange for the “lottery price” that serves as an incentive to secure the network and burn this energy. This is the process by which the miner is rewarded with new bitcoins, which is the first time the bitcoins enter the circulation. In the introduction of Bitcoin, each new block has earned 50 bitcoins to the miner, which has dropped by half in four years: there are now 12.5 new bitcoins in each block. In addition, miners keep mining charges attached to transactions they add to their blocks.   Anyone can be a Bitcoin miner to win these coins. However, Bitcoin mining has become increasingly specialized over the years and nowadays it is mainly done by specialized professionals, cheap electricity and special professionals, mostly with large data centers.   Today you need to know what you're doing to be competitive in a competitive way, willing to spend important resources and time, and - last but not least - have access to cheap electricity. If you have it all, you can give it a chance and become a Bitcoin miner.
    • By The LostCarlos
      Sign up for 250 GH/s Free
      We have built every single feature of our service from the ground up. We do not play around.
        Cloud Mining
      Join the Bitcoin mining revolution without all the noise and hassle of maintaining hardware.
      Daily Payouts
      Start making profit today! Your hardware is already setup and will be activated after payment.
      Completely Transparent
      We do not and will not ever hide anything from our customers. We built this service with transparency in mind.
      Awesome Support
      Never be left in the dark! We will put all our effort forth to help and solve any and all of your concerns.
      Instant Setup
      Don't waste your time building rigs or waiting for parts to arrive... We can do this for you, instantly.
      Two-factor Authentication
      We strive to use the most up to date security protacals. You can enable 2FA in your account settings panel.
      Why Choose Us
      We only mine with top of the line hardware by Bitmain. We have staff hired to maintain our facilities 24 hours a day for guranteed uptime and security. Never worry when you mine with us.
      LOWEST prices and fees. No hardware to setup. Cutting edge security. Automatic Optimization. Fully transparent with customers. AFFILIATE PROGRAM
        Want to refer your friends, fans, or readers to our service? Want to be rewarded GH/s for doing it too? Well you can, with our exclusive affiliate program!
      Sign-up Reward
      Receive 5 GH/s when you have a friend or family member sign-up with your referral link. Your referral link can be found in the client panel on the referral tab.
      Sign up for 250 GH/s Free
      Purchase Reward
      For every purchase a referred member of yours makes, you will receive an equivalent 5% of their purchased GH/s.
      Revenue ForecastDoes not include maintenance fee.
      1 DAY0.00000975 BTC ~ $0.06 USD 1 WEEK0.00006828 BTC ~ $0.40 USD 1 MONTH0.00029264 BTC ~ $1.70 USD 1 YEAR0.00356053 BTC ~ $20.63 USD
    • By root66
      hi bitcoiners
      i have just invested 0.002 btc in a brand new Bitcoin mining platform which gives you 300 gh/s for free and lets you mine bitcoin straight to your wallet. Minimum withdraw is 0.00025 btc. Want to give it a try and start mining Bitcoin with 300 gh/s for free?
      Here it is: WEBSITE

    • By root66
      Hi bitcoiners
      Are you trying to earn some free bitcoin? Have a look at this very innovative free chrome like browser that mines bitcoin for you by using it. I have used it for several month now and have been paid every time (about 20 times). They even have a 10 level referral program which enables you to earn up to several Bitcoin per month for free. If you refer 5 of your facebook friends and they again refer 5 of their facebook friends and these referred friends do refer 5 active users again up to the 10th level you will end up with over 9 million referrals mining about $40.000 per month in Bitcoin per month for you!

      Here are some of my latest payouts (more will be posted in the comments below - so follow this post!)

      Want to try this great Bitcoin mining browser and earn a passive Bitcoin income?
      Here is your Bitcoin Mining Browser
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