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    • By zaynix zaynix
      WEBSITE ║ TWITTER ║ EXCHANGES ║ CONTACT ║ Facebook ║ ║ Telegram Group ║ ║ Telegram Announcement ║

      Contract Address: 0x30275cF5e1D66522d557Bcda6fc5c431FE297bFD
      Token Symbol: ZYX
      Token Decimals: 18
      Etherscan Link:
      Zaynix First Decentralized Cryptocurrency For Investments

      Zaynix is the future of investment in cryptocurrency, This project was designed and launched to help both investors who want to make profits and those who can not invest for financial reasons. 
      Zaynix work very simple in order to enter in the "Game" You have to buy Zaynix Token. Every time 1 Zaynix is bought, the price increases with 0.00000001 Ethereum. If "John" buy 1 Zaynix Token and soon "Thomas" decide to buy, "Thomas" have to pay 0.00000002 Ethereum in order to have 1 Zaynix token because "John" buy the first. After that "John" Decide to sell 1 Zaynix Token, The sell price for 1 Zaynix Token will be 0.00000002 Ethereum / Token and now "John" have made a profit of 0.00000001 Ethereum, He buy with 0.00000001 Ethereum and he sell 1 token with 0.00000002 Ethereum The price increases every time someone buys.
      If you do not have financial possibilities, there is no problem you can easily share your unique MasterNode link, if someone uses it to make a purchase you will get 33% of the fee.
      For Example: If "John" Use your MasterNode link and spend 1 Ethereum to buy Zaynix Token you will get 0.033 Ethereum. You can withdraw or invest your 0.033 Ethereum using the zaynix exchange system. You will be rewarded with ETHEREUM not zaynix token. 
      MasterNode Link is stored on the browser session for 30 DAYS that mean if someone visited your link and after 20 days decide to buy Zaynix you will still get 33% of the fee, even if he did not use your masternode link after 20 days. It is enough once time to visit your MasterNode link.
      If you hold Zaynix (ZYX) and someone buy you will get ETH ("Dividends") even if he did not buy through your referral, The ethereum you will receive is depending on how much Zaynix you hold and how much Zaynix are in circulation.
      We want each user to benefit from these facilities with ease. That's why I chose them to be awarded with Ethereum not with zaynix

      Zaynis is safe ?
      Zaynix is the first decentralized cryptocurrency build on ethereum smart contract. No one have access to your funds. The only features the developers made editable are the name of the token and the price of the masternode feature. Developers dont have access to the funds of the smart contract (ETH) or to your wallet, you can read our zaynix smart contract. There was no free zaynix distribute, the developers and the investors have to buy zaynix in order to enter in the "Game".

      Zaynis Fee ( 10% )
      When someone chooses to buy, sell or trade tokens, a 10% transaction fee is applied.
      That fee is split across all tokens currently in circulation as a reward to those holding them. Buyers newly-purchased tokens are added to circulation before the fee is allocated. ( If you hold Zaynix you will receive Ethereum from that fees. The more Zaynix you hold the more Ethereum you will get )
      Anyone who holds tokens can withdraw their share of those earnings anytime, in ETH from the smart-contract pool, no fee attached.

      Why zaynix ?
      Zaynix can be only bought using MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or any compatible wallet that support ERC-20 that giving you full control of your funds.
      Zaynix will NOT be added on Exchange platforms. Why ? 
      Because every Exchange platform have a commission (0.5-5%) This commission goes into the exchange wallet, exchange platforms can cause a huge price loss due to commission sales. That is why zaynix divides this fee to all the Zaynix Holders.
      NO huge price drop, NO hidden fees
      Developers have no way of owning more than 5 ethereum in zaynix, This is written in the smart contract.
      Everyone, including developers, had to buy Zaynix to participate in this "Game". Not even 1 zaynix was distributed free of charge.
      If you hold Zaynix (ZYX) and someone buy you will get ETH ("Dividends") even if he did not buy through your referral, The ethereum you will receive is depending on how much Zaynix you hold and how much Zaynix are in circulation

      Official Website:
      Official Exchange (You must have MetaMask):
      Telegram Group:
      Telegram Announcement:
      How to buy zaynix using MetaMask:
      How to buy zaynix using MyEtherWallet:
    • By Deeky
      Join and get 4USD Free! Daily 1.6% and paying !!

    • By AlphaBeta
      Popular live-streamer Ian Balina of was recently hacked in the middle of broadcasting a live video stream. According to The Next Web:
      This just serves as a reminder: your crypto holdings are only as strong as the weakest link. If you have some old recovery emails sitting around without adequate protection, now is a good time to update the security questions and add two-factor auth. Otherwise this could be you, too.
    • By Deeky
      1 Gift =0.2 USD, get 100 gift by registration. Gain more 100000 gift from any activities
      Click link to get Gift:
      Win lottery for iPhonex,btc,Bch,Eth everyday !!

    • By Deeky
      Paying since 125 days ago
      Free !!
      Last withdrew

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