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They are building affiliate programs and loyalty programs based on block chains.

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According to my knowledge, the dashboard of Customer Insight Dashboard allows companies to easily collect customer information and use that insight to generate more sales and increase customer loyalty.


Increase Revenues with New and Loyal Customers Customer rewards programs will enable businesses to acquire new customers and keep existing customers. ‘Welcome Bonuses’ will trigger immediate engagement with customers.


The increase in loyal customers will translate to increases in revenue for participating businesses. Decentralized Incentivized Platform Businesses can now access a trustworthy platform that will help them reward loyal customers.


 Customer Analytics It is now simple to keep track of loyal customers with the blockchain database, which provides an easy-to-access record of their points and redemption.


In-store Marketing Having access to the best in-store marketing materials will aid businesses in promoting their digital loyalty programs among their customers. Better Knowledge of Customers and Stronger Customer Relationships Businesses can easily differentiate dormant customers from loyal customers.


This allows them to send targeted offers exactly where they will benefit them the most.For more info








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