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Social Coin

Earn Social Coin based on your activity on TronMain Platform



What is Social Coin ?

Social Coin is a cryptoccurency build on Tron Blockchain. The system enables payments to be sent between users without passing through a central authority, such as a bank or payment gateway. It is created and held electronically. Social Coins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by TronMain users based on their activity, Create content, create groups, like & dislike, post updates, upload images and many other methods.
We expect to be listed on varios exchange on May 2019.


  How to earn Social Coins ? 

Social Coins are generated by TronMain users based on their activity, for example if someone register an account on TronMain he receive directly 10 Social Coins (10 Social Coins will be added on circulation ).
All methods to earn social coins: Like & Dislike , Review group / User , Post updates on your profile , login everyday on TronMain , Register an account , Upload a profile picture , Upload a cover image , Create a group , Post updates on your group , Invite members on your group ,Share your referral link.
Hold TMC Coin and earn Social Coins Weekly from our Airdrop !


   Social Coin is safe ? 

The short answer is Yes ! Social Coin is a cryptocurrency build on Tron Blockchain, Everything is build and lock on our smart contract.
A Smart contract is a set-in-stone piece of programming language that was submitted to the Tron Blockchain / Network upon launch of our token. The smart contract handles all Social Coins autonomously without any form of human input, and its calculations and functions are confirmed across thousands of computers across the world before they are run.


  How to withdraw Social Coin from TronMain ? 

Social Coin will be available to withdraw soon, when all system are ready to launch, we have to be sure that everything work perfectly without any errors or backdoors.
We expect to launch our withdraw system on May 2019


   Price of Social Coin ?  

The price of Social Coin is determinated by our users. TronMain users are the single ones who can control the price of Social Coin and the supply. We expect to be listed on varios exchange on May 2019.
TronMain don't host any pre-sale or private sale for Social Coin, Everyone have the same change to earn Social Coins.



How many Social Coins you can earn based on your activity ?

Referral Link

Share your unique referral link and earn 20 Social Coins if someone visit your link (No register ) and 100 Social Coins if your referral user create an account on TronMain. Your referral link can be found on your profile page “Affiliate Program”

Create an account on TronMain

Everyone who create an account on TronMain earn 15 Social Coin

Stay online on TronMain

Everyday you can earn 10 Social Coin if you are online on TronMain

Hold TMC Coin (Dapp)

All TMC Coin Holders are rewarded weekly with social coin from our Airdrop. 1 TMC Coin = 100 Social Coin

Like & Dislike content

Like or Dislike content and earn 10 Social Coin

Review Groups / Users

For every review you give to a group or to a user you earn 20 Social Coins

Post content on your profile

Create unique content and earn 50 Social Coins, Upload your unique profile picture and earn 20 Social Coins, Upload your cover and earn 20 Social Coins, comment on other posts and earn 20 Social Coins, Favorite (Mark) post and earn 20 Social Coins

Create a group and invite users to join on your group

Post unique content on your group and earn 35 Social Coins, Upload a profile picture for your group and earn 20 Social Coins, Upload a cover image for your group and earn 20 Social Group, invite users to join on your group.

Do not abuse, do not use illegal programs to get Social Coins otherwise you will be banned


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