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Earn DogeCoins for viewing webpages. It is easy!
You can get free dogecoins in this website, this website is not a DogeCoin faucet, DogeCoin mining, even better than that all, just by viewing websites you can get dogecoins for free.
Super easy to handle your account (No memberships, no rent referrals). No weird or special rules.

Earning Options:
==> Surf Ads
Press "Click Here to View!"and a new page will be opened.
Please don't close it the page, after timer is completed you will get your Reward.
==> Doge Link Ads
After you click on the link, new page will be opened and when page loaded, timer starts. Please, don't close it before timer is ticking. 
Resolve the captcha and you get your Reward.

The Rating is calculated this way:
==> For every earned 10,000 doge in surfing + 1 point
==> For every earned 5,000 doge in autosurfing + 1 point
==> For every 10,000 doge spent on advertisement + 1 point
==> For every 10,000 doge spent by your referrals on advertisement + 1 point
==> For every referral bought on market + 0.1 point
==> Lack of activity on the site for 7 days -1 point

Advertisers can filter visitors in surfing by rating, for example, you can display a link only to users with a rating of 1 or higher.
Advertisers with a rating above 100 are given a discount on surfing (the minimum cost per ad is reduced to 10 doge)

Referral Program:
==> 10% of surfing of your referrals;
==> 7% of referral purchases.

Withdraw Options:
All you need is a wallet address to receive DogeCoin.
Minimum withdraw: 200 DogeCoins.

Register here:

Thank you in advance.

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Whoever was waiting minimum withdraw limit to be reduced, well, it just happened. The minimum that you must withdraw has been lowered from 500 Doge to 200 Doge.
So you must have at least 200 Doge in your balance to withdraw to your DogeCoin address.
Thank you.

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