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The only way to make money is from transaction fees

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Greetings. I've been in the crypto space for 2 years and I've learned a lot.

The most important lesson is the flow of revenue.

Traders, scammers, developers, and shills don't control the flow of revenue.

The exchanges do.

Binance and Coinbase are still raking in millions per day during the dead market.

Unfortunately, most of us can't afford to build a major exchange.

But we can afford a free exchange service that pays us for referrals. Can't we?

Check out this landing page demo I designed.

I embedded a permissionless exchange widget that will completely disrupt the crypto market very soon.

My goal is to deploy over 1,000 of these exchange sites by mid 2019.

Even if each one can only bring in $1 per day, I'll be very wealthy very soon.

I can live with $350k per year.

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