Coinbase Launches ZRX (0x) Trading

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Starting today, Coinbase supports ZRX at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now buy, sell, send, receive, or store ZRX, along with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

This is the first of the new altcoins that Coinbase is planning to add support for.

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    • By cyro
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      Ripplecash is completely decentralized network which will be used as a token-coin and fiat currencies swapping method in all over the world. The main priority of this project is to develop a decentralized liquidity solution with Ripplecash network, to build one of the connecting bridge for Mass-Adoption.
      Ripplecash, an on-chain decentralized exchange, for cryptocurrencies or digital assets (e.g. tokens on smart contract blockchains). Ripplecash Network will be simple, practical and decentralized liquidity solution for cryptocurrencies and digital assets with a seamless swap transaction in a secured and immutable blockchain platforms like Ethereum.
      Why Ripplecash :

      The project will initially focus on the development of the platform for swapping Ethereum-based tokens. As the cryptocurrency market is currently flooded with Ethereum-based tokens, a good asset range to begin with. It will continue development to accommodate more cryptocurrency and digital assets (from different blockchain platform, e.g. QTUM-based tokens, Neo-based tokens) using cross-chain and relay protocols.
      The integration of cross-chain asset swap will depend on the availability and achieved development standing of the following blockchain projects: Polkadot, Komodo, AION, Wanchain, Cosmos and other parallel blockchain or cross-chain protocols.
      Ripplecash Token (XRPC) :
      The Ripplecash is an ERC20 token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of XRPC tokens will be generated, including 160.000.000 to conduct a Pre-Sale, and 400.000.000 to conduct an ICO. Another 130.000.000 will be shared between the founders of the XRPC token, while the remaining 310.000.000 will be generated for advisory, bounty, Reserve fund, legal Compliance and PR pools. The unsold XRPC that will be created for sale during the ICO will be destroyed. XRPC tokens are not mined by users or any other Companies.
      Sign Up And Register For The Pre-ICO & Get 60% discount :
      ICO Details :
      Token name : Ripplecash (XRPC)
      Dates : January 4th to April 10th, 2019
      Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 Ripplecash
      Total Supply : 10,000 Ripplecash
      Minimum Cap: 400 ETH
      Maximum Cap : 30,000 ETH
      Accepted Currencies : ETH
      Payout : Ripplecash Tokens will be sent immediately to your ETH Wallet

      Airdrop Form :
      Submit the airdrop form and claim 1500 XRPC (15 USD) & more additional reward 300 XRPC via invitation.

    • By cyro
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      The platform includes all the possibilities of typical social networks, where people interact amongst themselves, form groups, and engage with organizations, leading to limitless new outcomes. On top of that, it is also designed to include specialized tools for the crypto community. Users can showcase their skills and seek co-creation or work for organizations. Start-ups can list their offerings and products for investment, advice, and collaboration. The news section brings updates on blockchain technology and its applications around the world, users can stay informed about cryptocurrency prices and trends, and there are blockchain specific tutorials for those who want to learn more. Upcoming features include tools to follow successful investors and a marketplace to buy and sell blockchain related products. Also, on the roll-out list are tools that connect’s underlying technology to the blockchain ecosystem, such APIs, plugins and a mobile application.
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      Set up your personal or professional profile, connect with blockchain & crypto professionals, follow blockchain companies, network, post, share, comment & discuss on any blockchain- or crypto- related topic.
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    • By cyro
      Join the ICO of the  world’s first DAO governed community DEX. Claim  75% of platform revenue every month.
      AboutEOSInterest network:

      EOSInterest.networkis  building the world’s first DAC/DAO smart contract governed, dividend sharing, anonymous multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The dual utility platform integrates a Tor enabled Multi-Chain DEX with an AI guided trade portal.

      Dividend sharing:
      EOSInterest introduces a revolutionary dividend sharing model with native token holders. Accordingly, EOSInterest (EOSiNT) token holders can claim 75% of monthly earnings of the dual utility platform, by staking their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX during the corresponding trading month.

      Use cases of EOSiNT token:
      Trade EOSiNT token as a trading pair in the EOSInterest. DEX and pay trade commissions in EOSiNT token Trade their cryptocurrency tokens in the DEX and receive a refund of 50% of platform fee in EOSiNT tokens at the end of each 24 hour trading period Stake their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX and receive 75 per cent of monthly combined earnings of the platform during the corresponding trading month. Community governance: Community voting and dividend distribution governed by Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO)  andDecentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) smart contracts.
      Dual platform: EOS Interest platform integrates a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an   autonomous AI guided trade engine. Anonymous: Tor- enabled multi-chain DEX  enhances anonymity. Scalable:  Scalability is achieved through linking decentralized wallets with an efficient centralized order matching system. Liquidity: Immediate liquidity of the platform is  guaranteed through an Index fund. Autonomous trade engine trails EOS index and trades EOSiNT index fund through a combination of trading tools. Trans fee Minting: 50% of daily platform fees rebated in EOSiNT tokens at the end of every 24-hour trading session. Dividend sharing: 75 % of platform revenue every month, shared with the token holders Dividend issued in EOS and can be withdrawn anytime. Sign up and register for the Pre-sale Starts on Nov 20, 2018 40% discount:
      ICO Pre-Sale

      Dates:  November 20th , running until December 10th.
      Pre-ICO token price: US $ 0.60 per EOSiNT (40% discount)
      Total tokens available for pre-sale: 1 million EOSiNT.
      Personal maximum cap: 1 btc
      ICO Main Sale

      Dates:  December 20th to January 31, 2019
      ICO token Price: US $ .80 ( first two weeks) -US $ 1.
      Total token available for main sale: 5.5 million
      Personal maximum cap: 0.5 btc
      ICO hard cap: US $ 5,000,000

      Airdrop form:

      Submit the completed airdrop form and claim 30 EOSiNT( 30USD)
    • By bsmcryptotech
      Greetings. I've been in the crypto space for 2 years and I've learned a lot.
      The most important lesson is the flow of revenue.
      Traders, scammers, developers, and shills don't control the flow of revenue.
      The exchanges do.
      Binance and Coinbase are still raking in millions per day during the dead market.
      Unfortunately, most of us can't afford to build a major exchange.
      But we can afford a free exchange service that pays us for referrals. Can't we?
      Check out this landing page demo I designed.
      I embedded a permissionless exchange widget that will completely disrupt the crypto market very soon.
      My goal is to deploy over 1,000 of these exchange sites by mid 2019.
      Even if each one can only bring in $1 per day, I'll be very wealthy very soon.
      I can live with $350k per year.
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