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They are offering really good service without problems.

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I think that they are offering really good service without problems. DNAtix is an innovative company in the field of genetic testing, integrating the two cutting-edge technologies of digitized genetics and Blockchain. DNAtix developed a direct consumer gene platform for the era of whole genome sequencing.


DNAtix provides a web-based anonymous secure genetic service including storage, transport and testing of digitized DNA.


DNAtix is eveloping ecosystems for genetics that consumers, researchers, laboratories, clinics use and create genetics in a more transparent and safe way. DNAtix creates a block chain based genetic platform that provides anonymously encrypted genetic services.


This is a direct consumer platform analysis, storage, and transfer of digitized DNA sequences. DNAtix completed the first proof-of-concept (POC) test by transferring the complete genomic sequence of the virus to Ethereum Blockchain. DNAtix token (DNTX) is Ethereum-based token used in DNAtix genetic ecosystem.


The DNAtix Token

This will be the only acceptable means of payment within the DNAtix platform. The total supply of these coins is fixed at 150,000,000, meaning no additional tokens will ever be minted. In the first year, 15% of DNAtix will be hoarded in the reserve account.


Awesome Genetics and Blockchain servicesfrom DNAtix. It is scheduled to be encrypted anonymously, and analysis, storage Transfer of digitized DNA sequence by Direct-to Consumer Platform (D2C).


So you can simply visit with





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