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I feel this is a really useful game.

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As I know, dPONZI is the world's first fully trusted decentralized blockchain game, they are offering equitable game than FOMO3D, open sourced, fun to play, faster and quicker return on investment, all actions are complying with smart contract, they are a Ponzi game, not a scam.


Single investment, unlimited bonuses! 

Different from other smart contract games, each of your investments will be invested into different pots to achieve higher returns, where the pot has packages such as daily, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days. Among them, the daily pot draws every day, and there are unlimited opportunities for winning. The more keys you hold, the greater the chance of winning.


When the timer is countdown to zero, the daily pot will goes to the "LAST" person who purchased the key. However, if the mandatory end time is reached, the bonus will be [RANDOMLY ASSIGNED] according to the rules of the pot to X-key holder. Please refer to the following 'Pathway to Wealthy' table for details of the rules.


Key holder dividends and referral program.

[KEY HOLDER DIVIDEND] The early bird catches the worm. The sooner you join the more you get, older players can receive dividends from newly joined players (the dividend are issued daily).


We can get another chance of passive income by signing up for a [REFERRAL PROGRAM] and getting in early and joins as a referrer to earn referral bonus!I think this is a great game to earn money without danger, so please try it.


For more info visit at

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