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Found 6 results

  1. this is a great trading bot for multiple exchanges free 0.004 btc sign up. Welcome! An Introduction to what we do Category: Support This is a first of its kind system that allows you to make money from your assets. We work with the biggest exchanges in the World, such as Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken and Bitstamp to provide you with the means to move your money around and influence the marketplace. If you are looking to speak with support then please click here and our expert support staff can assist you in getting you the answers you need.
  2. This is the first of the new altcoins that Coinbase is planning to add support for.
  3. AlphaBeta review

    Does anyone have experience with I see that they provide a service for running trading bots on their cloud platform. This also includes a marketplace to buy and sell crypto trading strategies. The licensing fees look quite cheap, and the bot trading API very useful. Are they a safe and stable service? Anyone been scammed by Has their site been hacked before? I'm thinking of trying them out for some day-trading bots as an experiment
  4. The whole crypto market is in a huge crash. Bitcoin price keeps going down, it is nearly at $7000 USD today. Do you think it will go lower? Will we see Bitcoin at $5000 by the end of February?
  5. Hey everyone, what are your trading tips for this coming month of February? I've been watching the price movements of XRP, XLM, and TRX recently, so will definitely be monitoring these during February. Also I'm expecting that BTC/BCH will come back to the spotlight again after being quiet for a while. What are your predictions about what we'll see happen next month?
  6. Bitcoin is down 23% since yesterday. Ethereum is down 28% and so is Litecoin. Almost every cryptocurrency seems to be crashing today. What's the reason for this huge crash? The best reason I can see is that China is planning a crackdown on cryptocurrency trading. Have you heard of any other news that may be influencing the price movement today?