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Found 7 results

  1. The Eobot cryptocurrency exchange has an interesting policy for storing customer coins to protect against the possibility of their site being hacked: What do you think of this approach? Is it a good idea to have a separate wallet for use in the event of a hack? Or does this incentivize the wrong kind of behavior?
  2. Nii

    Block Address

    Protecting you address from being copied will help save you crypto currency
  3. The leading manufacturer of mining hardware Bitmain recently announced the Antminer X3, a brand new mining device based on the CryptoNight hashing algorithm popularized by Monero. The privacy-focused Monero community are not happy about the idea of introducing ASIC mining to the ecosystem though. The main concern is that by Bitmain becoming the sole producer of commercial ASICs, they could obtain a centralized monopoly over the mining power. This could compromise the privacy protections put in place by the Monero platform. To solve this, Monero are releasing a new update that includes an algorithm designed to be ASIC-proof. The specific changelog entry, "tweaked PoW to block DoS attacks from ASICs", means that the Monero network is implementing a new version of their proof-of-work algorithm that reduces or eliminates the chance for profitable mining using dedicated ASIC devices. CoinDesk has a nice write-up about the implications of Monero's decision, and more technical details about the changes to the PoW algorithm are available on the official Monero website.
  4. I recently bought a Ledger Nano S, and was trying to run through the setup steps. First I had to choose a PIN, which was easy enough. But then the Ledger asked me to write down my recovery phrase (or seed words) and store them safely somewhere. This got me thinking - what's the safest way to store this recovery phrase? I could write it on paper, but then I might lose it and find myself in a world of pain. Maybe I could write the different words on several pieces of paper, and store them in different safety deposit boxes? Or store the entire recovery phrase in an encrypted file backed up to cloud storage? Let me know your strategy! I'm curious what different methods people are using to securely store Bitcoin wallet recovery phrases.
  5. Today I read a news report saying that armed robbers broke into someone's home and forced them to transfer Bitcoin at gunpoint. This is a scary story, it could happen to anyone who publicly announces that they have bitcoins. How can I protect my Bitcoin against physical theft? Should I just not tell anyone that I have some? I wonder if there is some way to use a Ledger Nano S or Trezor device to protect against this kind of theft.
  6. Hi guys! We're living in exciting times with a lot of new investors entering the Bitcoin market. Related to this, I'm doing a small research project on wallet security for Stockholm University. If you have invested in Bitcoin, I would appreciate if you can take a few minutes to answer my survey. It won't take long I promise (max 5 min)! Link to survey: Thanks to CryptoBlackHat for the tip
  7. Nightwatch Security have released a new tool on GitHub: the Public Cloud Storage Search. This is a simple tool designed to help open source security researchers. The readme describes this tool as something that "allows searching across all content that is indexed by Google and being served from cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Azure Blobs, etc." Sharing here in case anyone finds it helpful. There are more and more news articles recently about discoveries made from publicly available data in cloud storage. Maybe someone here can make the next big discovery