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Found 22 results

  1. Doge Kittly – Free 50 H/s (NEW RELEASE) 5 Doge per day for Free Accounts Investment: 300 DOGE - 10,000 DOGE 20% - 22.5% Daily Earning Rate *Note : All plans will be active for 6 Days ONLY MINIMUM WITHDRAW: 20 DOGE WITHDRAWAL FEE: 1-4 DOGE !!! REGISTER NOW !!! #PS: For Good & Faster Speed Mining Paid Plan for Add More H/s
  2. Doge Oil – Free 50 DH/s (NEW SITE) Investment: 300 DOGE - 25% 500 DOGE - 26% 1000 DOGE - 27% 5000 DOGE - 28% 10000 DOGE - 29% (This is list of Basic Plans, there are also Platinum Plans available for better profits) *Note : plan will be active for 6 Days MINIMUM WITHDRAW: 10 DOGE WITHDRAWAL FEE: 1-4 DOGE !!! REGISTER NOW !!! #PS: For Good & Faster Speed Mining Paid Plan for Add More DH/s
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  4. anid

    200 GH/S FREE

  6. nirmal


    mining mining mining
  7. anid


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  8. Deeky

    Always paying, free!!

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  9. I recently started GPU mining using ccminer, and encountered command-line output that looked like this: [2018-01-07 01:16:31] auto block 1780575, diff 87720.875 [2018-01-07 01:16:51] auto block 1780576, diff 88377.920 [2018-01-07 01:17:02] auto block 1780577, diff 86163.419 [2018-01-07 01:17:14] Stratum difficulty set to 512 [2018-01-07 01:17:14] auto block 1780578, diff 103726.556 [2018-01-07 01:18:02] auto block 1780579, diff 103726.556 [2018-01-07 01:18:12] Stratum difficulty set to 256 [2018-01-07 01:19:17] auto block 1780580, diff 110329.371 At first I wasn't sure what this meant, especially as there's no hashrate shown. Is ccminer working properly? It turns out the messages saying "Stratum difficulty set to..." mean that the mining software is automatically adjusting its difficulty, in order to produce the optimal number of shares for the stratum server. If the difficulty is set too high, the local software will never be able to send any shares before the next block comes along (and it needs to request new work from the stratum server). However, if the difficulty is set too low then the miner will waste time fetching new work from the server when it could have been more productive producing a share from the old work. Basically, these messages mean that ccminer is working OK, but hasn't yet found the optimal difficulty so is automatically negotiating this with the stratum server.
  10. New cloudmining get free 200 GHS. Min deposit 150 dogecoin, min withdrawal 1000 doge. Happy earning
  11. Amazing project !! Always paying since last year and instant payment !! Claim bonus hashpower every 4 hours Join hurry up
  12. The leading manufacturer of mining hardware Bitmain recently announced the Antminer X3, a brand new mining device based on the CryptoNight hashing algorithm popularized by Monero. The privacy-focused Monero community are not happy about the idea of introducing ASIC mining to the ecosystem though. The main concern is that by Bitmain becoming the sole producer of commercial ASICs, they could obtain a centralized monopoly over the mining power. This could compromise the privacy protections put in place by the Monero platform. To solve this, Monero are releasing a new update that includes an algorithm designed to be ASIC-proof. The specific changelog entry, "tweaked PoW to block DoS attacks from ASICs", means that the Monero network is implementing a new version of their proof-of-work algorithm that reduces or eliminates the chance for profitable mining using dedicated ASIC devices. CoinDesk has a nice write-up about the implications of Monero's decision, and more technical details about the changes to the PoW algorithm are available on the official Monero website.
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  16. Clark dave

    How to get a mining site

    Please show me the names of free mining sites
  17. When i read about cryptocurrencies for the first time was on September of 2017. A little bit late for the “Bitcoin boom” but just in time for the XMR (Monero) rise. I started looking for ways to mine XMR and all were deceptions, until i found CoinImp. Today i’m going to tell you how you can make great profit from it: What is CoinImp? CoinImp it's the newest project of ABC Hosting LTD, which allows to webmasters to earn XMR coins (Monero) by using our script for mining. The process consists basically in embedding a short JavaScript code which is provided for each site that have been added by webmasters from the dashboard at Coinimp. How does CoinImp work? CoinImp is a javascript miner, which means that it provides a mining script that needs to be embedded into the web page of a desired website (preferably one with a large influx of visitors). Once placed the script, it will start using visitors CPU power when they are navigating through the website. Check some of it’s features: Lowest Fee in the market: CoinImp only take a 1% fee that can be easily recovered through the referral program. Local miner: The local miner on the Dashboard let users mine using their own CPU, if the user wants to test the miner. Referral Program: The referral program let the user invite any other person to create a CoinImp account, the reward for each referred user, is a 1% of their earnings (that comes from CoinImp pocket) Simple Api Key: With the Simple Api Key, the users can add the code to any other app or website so they can check their hashes/rewards anywhere they want! Not recognized by Adblock or any anti-virus: The Coinimp JavaScript miner is an inoffensive and secure script that is not recognized by Adblock (as an aggressive-intrusive ad that should be blocked) or any Anti-virus as a Malware. 24/7 Customer service: The CoinImp team is always ready to help or answer any doubt that the users may have on the Live chat; Support mailbox and Facebook page. Interested? Visit to get started today! It’s amazing how easily you can grow your Monero wallet with CoinImp!
  18. Get paid 99 dogecoin to faucethub, and u can earn Btc, Ltc, Eth, Bch. All free!! Here is the link below
  19. you want to start up your skills on mining and trading, here's a good site to begin with. It's good because the site, unlike others, offers no minimum withdrawal limit, which means you can withdraw as soon as you like to withdraw your coins and then reinvest in some microtrading sites. check out the following site:
  20. AlphaBeta

    Samsung making ASIC mining chips

    According to TechCrunch, Samsung has now confirmed that they are making ASIC chips for cryptocurrency mining: This is interesting, as Bitmain has historically been the largest producer of ASIC mining hardware by far. Samsung hasn't revealed what specific hardware they're producing (or who it's for). But it could potentially topple the balance of power here if Samsung is producing hardware that ends up competing with Bitmain's current offerings. Watch this space, I'm looking forward to future developments in the mining hardware space very soon.
  21. Hi there Lads!!! new crypto not yet available to buy but can be mined already and you can easly mine the coin with chrome. App using web browser and java technology for mining. it is still easy to mine. It will go moon soon!!! Even before getting to any exchange it is worth 1$ per coin. I'm getting 1 coin per day and my PC is 7 years old. There's not too many miners yet so it's not difficult to mine. It works for webmasters as well!!! You install a piece of code on your site. When the user visits your site the code starts running and the users browser will start running mathematical hashing calculations. Correct hashes are sent back to our servers and the webmasters are rewarded with JSEcoin tokens. Find the link below:
  22. koshka

    Cloud mining

    Is Cloud Mining recommended as a passive way to earn Bitcoins?