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  1. With MCG Bonus you will earn DOGE interest earnings normally as a Real MCG Balance. The MCG Bonus only can't be traded. MCG is a ERC20 ETH Token and is a MyCoins.Global Official Token. MCG ERC20 Token is developed for compensate users that invested on old wallet that are burned from a bad script programer and MCG is developed for users that want to invest on MyCoins Portfolio. The benefits for those who purchase and buy MCG Each visit on your referral link will give you a 10.00 MCG Token bonus. On each new referral subscription, you will earn 75.00 MCG Token. On July 1, 2019, DOGE interest earnings will be initiated. Every 1.00 MCG will give a 0.005 DOGE bonus every 24 hours, for lifetime or until sell your entire MCG Token. Until June 20, 2019 each 1.00 MCG will be sold and traded for 0.85 DOGE for compensate old users with profits and Wallet problems. Each 1.00 MCG will be sold and traded for 1.00 DOGE from June 20, to September 15, 2019 On September 16,2019 the public trade for Sell will open, and we will offer a buy back of 1.20 DOGE for each 1.00 MCG token, and we will increase the sell of 1.00 MCG for 1.40 DOGE. On December 01,2019 we will offer a buy back of 1.75 DOGE for each 1 MCG token, and we will increase the sell of 1.00 MCG for 2.00 DOGE. On March 29,2020 we will offer a buy back of 2.50 DOGE for each 1 MCG token, and we will we will increase the sell of 1.00 MCG for 3.00 DOGE. On June 01,2020 we will offer a buy back of 3.75 DOGE for each 1 MCG token, and will start the TRADE MCG for the P2P Market Price, or be each user sell or buy MCG for the price they like. Users Can transfer MCG TOKEN between MyCoins.Global Accounts (Without any Rule) or Withdraw to a Ethereum Address. MCG TOKEN Details: Contract Address: 0xe932f94dbe9dc3afa439d8dc43be7e0fc81aeee4 Decimals: 18 SYMBOL: MCG Use this link for free 1000 tokens: >> <<hover over to see link Promote your link and get referrals friends. You will earn 75 MCG Tokens for each referral you get, and more 3% commission from your referral Wallet profit earnings (hourly) and 1.5% commission from your referral HASH Power profit earnings (every 20 minutes).
  2. $1000 worth of Tokens! Joining Initiative Q: What is Initiative Q? Initiative Q is building the payment system of the future. The Q payment network will integrate the best technological improvements that have been made in the payment industry over the last few decades to create a flexible, easy-to-use and inexpensive payment network. These technologies have been available for years, but have not been adopted due to a classic chicken and egg barrier: No buyer wants to join a new network with no sellers, and no seller will offer a payment option that no buyer uses. Initiative Q solves the adoption problem by associating the payment network with a new global currency, and distributing this currency to early adopters for free. Read more about the payment innovations of Initiative Q. Why should I join Initiative Q? The earlier you join, the higher your reward. We believe that Initiative Q will overcome the main barrier to a better payment system, and has a good chance of becoming the global standard. But even if you give it just a 0.1% chance of success, think of it as a free lottery ticket. Why not? It’s free and safe. All you need to do is provide your name and email. We will never spam you or sell your data. If Initiative Q doesn’t succeed, we will erase all user data. By joining, you increase the chances of success, and accelerate the transformation of the payment industry — a change that will benefit everyone, eliminating the need to carry cash and/or plastic and leading to lower costs, less fraud, and fewer scams. A popular modern payment system will be inclusive of currently underserved populations all over the world. It will finally provide them easy access to payments, micro-financing tools and inexpensive transactions. You will help reduce the enormous waste and pollution caused by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, currently consuming as much energy as 6,000,000 households! What are the risks in signing up? What will you do with the data I provide? There are no risks. It’s safe and free to join; you just provide your name and email address. We store your personal data securely and we don’t share it with anyone else. We will only email you regarding the project and your account (read our privacy policy). If Initiative Q does not succeed we will delete all data we have collected. Why do I need to confirm my email? What happens if I don’t? Email confirmation helps ensure that accounts are created by real people and not bots. If you don’t confirm your email, it will eventually be deleted from the system and your account will not be activated or eligible for rewards. Why does an existing member need to verify me? A secure payment network requires that accounts be associated with real people. This is especially important when potentially highly valuable rewards are at stake. Therefore, we require that all new members be verified by existing users who actually know them. There are incentives for verifying new members, as well as disincentives that discourage verification of contacts you don’t know well or trust. In addition to preventing false registrations, this process builds a “trust network”, which can later be used to improve security. For example, if a buyer is purchasing a high-value item, it is important to verify that their account was not taken over. In that case, another member who has a trust relationship with the buyer can be asked to check that the buyer is aware of the transaction. Is this a pyramid or MLM scheme? Pyramid schemes collect money from new members and distribute it to earlier members. In contrast, joining initiative Q is completely free. So, clearly, there is no money to hand up the “pyramid” to earlier members. Initiative Q does reserve Qs for members who join, and more Qs are reserved for early members and to those who invite their friends. However, the value of these Qs will come from them being gradually accepted as a better currency, in accordance with the “equation of exchange” in economics. Read more. Initiative Q’s marketing approach is not different than that used by many companies, such as Dropbox, Uber, AirBNB, Zoho and others, that compensate users who invite their friends. In Initiative Q’s case new registrants may sometimes see more value in the reward, resulting in more invitations being sent. The requirement that new members be invited by existing users has an additional benefit, detailed in the previous question. How can I get invited? What if my invite link doesn’t work? If you were invited by someone who has used up all their invites, you may ask them to connect you to a mutual friend who may still have open invites. Otherwise, the two easiest ways to get invited are: Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether any of them have already registered and could invite you. Go to the Initiative Q page on Facebook or Twitter and see which of your friends follow or like Initiative Q — they may already be registered. What is an “Initiative Q Evangelist” and how do I become one? Every new member can invite and verify a limited number of friends. This helps ensure a diverse community of Q members and avoids concentrating the rewards among a small clique. However, people who successfully complete all of their initial invites are upgraded to “Initiative Q Evangelists”. Evangelists get additional time and invites to invite others and reserve new Qs. Can I register multiple times and get more Qs? You may only open one Q account, using your true details. Providing fake details, details of another person, or opening multiple accounts will result in the removal of all accounts and their Q balances. Note that this also applies to accounts of the same person using different signup methods, e.g. opening one Q account using Facebook, and another using Twitter. Signup and Verification Why didn’t I get a confirmation email? Not receiving emails is often due to misspelling your email or your spam filter settings. Sometimes our emails are delayed by your email service provider. We suggest: Checking spam/junk folders. Signing up again using the same email spelled correctly (if you misspelled your email address). Unconfirmed emails are automatically removed from the system within a few hours. Signing up via Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Using a different email address. Why can’t I log in? There are a few reasons that could lead to login problems. You did not complete the signup process. The person who invited you rejected your request, or you deleted your own account. You are using the wrong email address or you misspelled your email address (even periods make a difference: is not the same as You signed up via Twitter, Facebook, or Google so you don’t have a password (you can continue to log in via Twitter, Facebook, or Google or you can click “forgot password” to set up a new password). Where is my invite link? To invite friends and reserve more Qs, log into and share your unique invite link. Note: You will only be able to verify your friends and reserve Qs after the person who invited you has verified your registration request. Why can’t I approve the people I invited? After you sign up, your account is still pending until the person who invited you verifies your registration. At this state, you can't verify your own invitees yet. We suggest you contact the person who invited you and make sure that they verify you. Once you're approved, you can verify your friends at by clicking “Review” next to their name and choosing the “Approve“ option. I am not verified and I cannot contact the person who has invited me. What do I do? Close your account and accept a new invitation from someone you know and whom you can contact. An account can be closed by logging into, clicking the "Settings" option at the bottom of the page, and choosing the "Close Account" option. All data will be erased, and we will not be able to restore it under any circumstances. Please note that once you close your account you will lose any Qs associated with that account, and you will no longer be able to invite or verify friends from that account. Why isn’t my invite link working? There are a few possible reasons: Only a limited number of friends can use your link at a time. After you verify their registration, you may unlock additional invitation spots. Each member has a limited number of invites. If you’ve run out of invites, you can refer them to a mutual friend that you’ve already approved. Make sure that you shared your own unique referral link, not the one you used to sign up. The link you used to sign up belongs to your inviter, so if you share that link, your inviter will receive verification requests from your friends instead of you. Why can’t I see the people I invited? There are a few reasons you might be experiencing issues with inviting others to join Initiative Q. Make sure that you shared your own unique referral link, not the one you initially used to sign up. The link you used to sign up belongs to your inviter, so if you share that link, your inviter will receive verification requests from your friends instead of you. Make sure that your friends actually signed up with a valid email address. Unconfirmed emails are automatically removed from the system within a few hours. How do I close my account? An account can be closed by logging into, clicking the "Settings" option at the bottom of the page, and choosing the "Close Account" option. All data will be erased, and we will not be able to restore it under any circumstances. Please note that once you close your account you will lose any Qs associated with that account, and you will no longer be able to invite or verify friends from that account. Obtaining Qs What do I receive for signing up? When you register, a certain number of Qs are allocated for you. These reward Qs serve as incentive to join, and they will gradually be released to you after the Q payment network becomes active. Why would you give away Qs for free? The greatest challenge in creating a new payment system is how to convince everyone—buyers and sellers—to join when the network is still small. Reserving high Q rewards for those signing up early overcomes this concern, and will allow us to build a payment network that is decades ahead of anything available today. How much Q do I get for joining? The maximum amount of Q you can receive depends on when you sign up. At each stage of engagement with Q (initial signup, verification, using the system once it’s ready, etc.) you can claim more Q. It’s important to complete each stage as soon as it’s available, as some tasks have a deadline. Why is the signup reward constantly decreasing? Joining after the Q payment network has been widely adopted requires little external motivation, since once the adoption challenge is solved people will value the better technology, convenience and cost. Signing up after millions have joined is also an easy decision, since you already know there's a good chance the project will succeed, and the reward will become valuable. But joining at the very early stages requires real vision and foresight. We want to compensate our members accordingly. Why am I required to complete tasks to reserve my full Q reward? Initiative Q’s unique rewards model is what allows it to overcome the adoption barrier that has impeded previous payment technologies. It encourages fast adoption of advanced payment technologies, while others struggle to attract new users. Initiative Q will be giving free currency to incentivize actions that help the system grow. That includes tasks such as: registration and verification of friends, installing the Q application, adding information, making purchases, etc. These tasks are in everyone’s interests, as they will help Initiative Q grow, and reach the target of releasing all Qs to members at a value of around one USD per Q. I want more Qs. Can I buy them? Qs are not currently for sale. We plan to allow buying and selling Qs against other currencies once the payment network is live. The Q Payment Network What advantages does the Q payment network offer? Over the last few decades many advances in payment systems have been devised, but they have not been made available, since they are only valuable once they are widely adopted — a chicken and egg problem. Initiative Q’s distribution incentives solve the adoption problem, thereby offering one global network that integrates many of these breakthroughs, such as: Low transaction costs: A streamlined, digital process with better fraud protection means fewer costs. A universal currency and one global system: one address for all financial needs. Cutting edge measures to ensure secure transactions: fingerprint, voice and face recognition; multi-factor authentication; and advanced artificial intelligence models. Simplicity and user-friendliness: 1-click payments; no need to carry cash or cards. Customer protection: Using internal regulations and buyer feedback to prevent sellers from misrepresenting their products and pricing. Reversibility and efficient dispute resolution: easy online claims process to ensure user confidence. Optimal credit allocation: Using richer information and more advanced models to correctly assign credit to lenders. Parental control: Sub-accounts that allow parents to control children’s expenses. Helping the unbanked: Connecting to the world economy the billions who don’t have access to financial services. See a more complete description in our Vision paper. How can the Initiative Q mobile app be used? The Initiative Q app that is currently available is part of Initiative Q’s future payment system infrastructure. Once the payment system is launched, users will be able to use the app to make payments, track past transactions, communicate with sellers, etc. Therefore, reaching a large installed base for the app increases the likelihood that Initiative Q will succeed, which is why users who install the app today reserve additional Qs. Until the payment system is launched, the app provides an easy way to manage and track invitations, as well as instant updates on new opportunities to reserve additional Qs. How can I reserve additional Qs when installing the app? Verified users can reserve additional Qs after they install and log in to the mobile app (please make sure the app notifications are on). A user can reserve an app install bonus only once. Likewise, only one user can reserve an app install bonus per device. How can I reserve additional Qs when referring others to install the app? You will reserve additional Qs whenever you refer another user who installs and logs in to the app, even if you did not originally invite that user to Initiative Q. There is no limit to the number of users you can invite to install the app. Note that this bonus applies under the following conditions: For an Initiative Q user that you invited after the app was launched (1-Mar-2019): Once that user installs the app, provided that no other user sent them an invite link after they have registered and before they install the app. For all other users (i.e. Initiative Q users who registered with an invite from someone else, or those registered before the app was launched): If they install the app by clicking an invite link you have sent. The exact amount you will reserve is shown on your dashboard after you log in to your account. Why will Initiative Q succeed where others haven’t? Since payment systems involve a network of buyers and sellers, a new technology only brings value once it is widely adopted — buyers first want to see many sellers offering it, and vice versa. There have been many great payment technologies developed over the years, but they failed to gain universal acceptance due to this barrier. Initiative Q’s innovation is in leveraging the future value of Q itself to incentivize its widespread adoption. Our unique reward system encourages users to become early adopters, and opens the door to adoption of major breakthroughs in the payment industry. What can I do with my reward Qs? Once the system is functional, the Qs reserved for you will be released gradually, and you will then be able to use them for any kind of payment or exchange: purchases, sales, rentals, investments, etc. When will I be able to use my reward Qs? The reward Qs reserved for you will be released gradually. Distributing all the Qs at the same time would flood the market and devalue the currency. Therefore, once the system goes live and begins to grow, only a set proportion of one’s reserved Qs will be available for spending. The rate at which Qs are released will be regulated to maintain a stable exchange rate of around one Q per one US Dollar, while also incentivizing economic growth. Qs may be granted sooner to members in some locations to accelerate the creation of local Q-based economies. Economic models show that if Initiative Q succeeds and the Q payment network becomes a leading payment method, then eventually all of the Qs reserved for members will be released while still maintaining this 1:1 exchange with USD. See Initiative Q's Timeline. Are my Q transactions private? Can anyone see them? Initiative Q is designed to succeed as a mainstream payment network, which means fully complying with all laws and regulations. Transaction information on the Q payment network will be handled similarly to how current payment and banking networks operate, wherein the bank maintains all transaction records, but must safeguard the data and cannot share it with outside parties unless required to do so by law. How much is one Q worth in USD? At this stage, Qs are only being reserved, and cannot be used. If Initiative Q becomes a leading payment network, Qs are expected to be worth approximately 1 US dollar per Q. This estimate is detailed in our economic model. What is your estimate of the Q value based on? The reasoning behind the estimated future value of the Q payment network can be summarized as follows: The payment world is stuck with decades old technologies, since it is very difficult to get buyers to adopt a new technology that sellers don’t yet support and vice versa. Initiative Q solves this problem by compensating early adopters with future currency. This enables the building of a payment network that is far superior to current ones. A payment network that is both superior technologically, and widely adopted, would be preferred by both buyers and sellers. It is realistic to expect that such a network would eventually overtake payment cards, which account for $20 trillion in annual transactions. The total amount of money in the world is roughly half the world’s annual economic activity. The value of all Q currency could thus reach half of Q’s annual volume (i.e. $10 trillion). Our models use an estimate of $2 trillion. An alternative data point is the value of cryptocurrencies which peaked at nearly $1 trillion, despite hardly being used for real payments (nearly all activity is speculation). Since there are currently 2 trillion Qs, the goal of one US dollar per Q is achievable. For more details see Q’s economic model. What happens if not enough people sign up? Initiative Q needs many committed users to ensure a meaningful network of buyers and sellers. If a critical mass is not reached, the project may not go forward. Because the rewards are only valuable once the system is functional, it is in everyone’s interest to get others to join. Behind Initiative Q Who is behind Initiative Q? Initiative Q was founded by Saar Wilf, a serial entrepreneur who started his first payments start-up in 1997, and later founded Fraud Sciences, which redefined the payment security space and was acquired by PayPal in 2008. The Initiative Q team comprises top experts in payment systems, macroeconomics, and Internet technologies. The idea behind Initiative Q is to first create a critical mass of users, which can then be harnessed to create the world’s best payment network. Therefore, currently our primary focus is to get millions of Q members registered, after which we will recruit the world’s top professionals in the space. What is the monetary committee? A global currency should not be controlled by one private company. Therefore an independent monetary committee will be appointed via voting by all members and stakeholders in the Q payment network. The committee will only issue new coins for the purpose of maintaining stability, and increasing adoption — similar to how the world’s largest currencies are managed. The alternative—having a fixed supply of Qs (like Bitcoin) or a similarly simplistic monetary policy—will not work in the real world. Stability of purchasing power is crucial to success, and it can only happen through intelligent analysis of economic activity and customer behavior. Read more about our monetary policy. Who are Q agents? Initiative Q will focus on the technology, standards and regulation of the payment system, while delegating the financial operation to hundreds of local agents. These local agents will be responsible for customer service, safeguarding members’ funds, connecting local stores, legal compliance, and settling with other agents. Agents compete with each other to manage member accounts (buyers or sellers), and receive a small fee for transactions they process. Together they enable the Q payment network to be a truly global system, with local branches providing individualized support and access. How many Qs are there? Who holds them? Two trillion Qs will be issued, to be distributed as follows: 80% are expected to be distributed as incentives — to encourage user activity and promote network growth. Around half of the incentives are reserved for buyers, and the rest for sellers, agents, contributors, and to incentivize growth-supporting activities within the Q network. 10% are assigned to the Initiative Q payment company, for the purpose of funding development of the world’s most advanced payment network. 10% are assigned to the Q monetary committee monetary reserves. These will be gradually converted to other currencies and financial assets, allowing any Q member to easily convert to other currencies if needed. Monetary committee members will be compensated according to industry standards. Once the initial 2 trillion Q are fully distributed, the monetary committee may create and distribute new Qs in order to keep the money supply in line with economic activity and to maintain stability, as outlined in the economic model. Qs vs Crypto How is this different from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a brilliant solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Cryptocurrency is digital money that is hard to counterfeit. While the mathematical foundation is ingenious, an “immutable money ledger” is far from being a major need today. Our money is already digital, in the form of bank computer records, and no one is worried that these records will suddenly disappear. This is due to a robust system of trust and governance that protects individuals from such risks. While many dislike this complex system, it works reasonably well and there is still no better alternative. In fact, the anti-counterfeiting measures that cryptocurrencies offer create an array of much worse problems: Transferring security risk to the currency owners: Removing banks from the system also removes the protection that banks provide in security, fraud prevention, and dispute resolution, leaving individuals vulnerable to theft, scams, and human errors. To protect themselves, cryptocurrency users are expected to undertake complicated security procedures such as generating cryptographic keys using dice, entering them into an unused laptop that is later destroyed, storing the keys using special hardware from multiple manufacturers, and keeping paper backups in bank safes. Comparing that to payment cards, which allow consumers to make payments using just a few unencrypted numbers while being fully protected from losses, underlines how far cryptocurrencies are from becoming the currency of the future. Unstable value: A basic requirement for a currency is stability and predictability in purchasing power. This requires a carefully managed monetary policy that matches the money supply to current economic activity. Cryptocurrencies have either no monetary policy or an overly simplistic one. As a result their value fluctuates rapidly, rendering them unhelpful for purchases and trade, with all activity driven instead by speculation. Legal controls: Whether we like it or not, governments still hold ultimate power and they insist on regulating currency transfers, financial transactions, investments, and their underlying mechanisms. Any currency that attempts to circumvent such regulations, including most cryptocurrencies, will face an uphill battle to wide scale adoption. Reversibility: No matter how good a system is, if humans are involved there will be mistakes and misunderstandings. Allowing transactions to be reversed benefits both buyers and sellers in the long-term, as customers can engage in the market more confidently. Of course, reversing a transaction should be allowed only for certain reasons — something that can only be determined by human beings following procedures. This goes against the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, making wide-scale adoption difficult. Waste: Bitcoin’s energy consumption is equivalent to that of 6,000,000 households and emits 90,000,000 kg of CO2 (200,000,000 lb) every day. Worse, all that energy is spent to support about 3 transactions per second—a far cry from the thousands of transactions per second on the credit card network. Initiative Q’s main goal is to achieve global adoption, and Initiative Q therefore prioritizes ease of use, stability, security, efficiency, and legality, over abstract goals like decentralization. This is a real world solution for real world problems. It is based on a network of Q agents, who employ thousands of people, conform to local regulations, and ensure that members receive quality customer service and are fully protected from thefts and scams, without requiring them to become security experts. However, some of the concepts behind cryptocurrency are valuable, and may be deployed in Initiative Q’s backend, for settlement between Q agents — where these disadvantages become negligible. Read our full payment vision here. Is this an ICO? No. ICO, Initial Coin Offering, is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to describe the public sale of newly issued coins. Initiative Q’s goal is to become the standard in payments and to create a global currency. That requires adoption by hundreds of millions of members, which will not happen if they are required to pay. Qs will therefore be distributed for free. How is this different from an “air drop”? “Air drop” is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to describe free distribution of coins. While Initiative Q will distribute free currency, that by itself is not enough to revolutionize payments. It can only succeed in synergy with two other actions: Requiring members to undertake simple tasks to qualify for the rewards. These are tasks that promote wide scale adoption of Q, for the benefit of all members (read more about the reasoning behind these tasks above). Development of a state of the art payment system. The eventual success of Q is based on it being the safest, easiest and cheapest way to trade. The free distribution of coins is only interesting insomuch as it promotes the adoption of advanced payment technologies (See our payment system vision). Additionally, Initiative Q is not a cryptocurrency, which allows it to avoid the many shortcomings of cryptocurrencies (see above).
  3. 8000 Token AirDrop Live $88 REWRITING THE FUTURE OF E-COMMERCE ON BLOCKCHAIN Overview To Aussie Digital With Brick and Mortar Retail dying out “Take a look around the town” you’ll soon realise E-Commerce is becoming more and more attractive to retailers every day. The problem now is "Like the Greedy Landlord" the online E-Commerce providers “Ebay, Shopify and Amazon to name a few are also getting greedy. This is where Aussie Digital shines above the rest. The Aussie Digital Project has been designed to help, not hinder the growth of small to medium businesses online. The Aussie Digital Ecosystem is based around a Digital Token. The Ecosystem includes an Amazon like store builder packed with powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways. Other services powered by blockchain technology have also been incorporated to speed up the flow of funds which in turn keeps costs down for the Retailer and Shopper alike. ABOUT US The Aussie Digital Team and its Advisors come from a variety of different sectors including Importation, Exporting, Business Strategy, Business Development, Business Marketing, Business Banking, Digital Marketing, Social Media,TV Production, Interactive Design, HR Training, Trading Stocks & Currencies, Blockchain Analysts and Cryptocurrency experts. They are a diverse group of like-minded people with different backgrounds, different educations and different cultures. All with the same goal. Helping You!
  4. Market Space Gem4me: the world's first marketplace, based on the technologies of chat bots, blockade and artificial intelligence. Market $ pace is created for the organization of markets of any scale: from the market of one product to global markets. The presence in the instant messenger of the mini-social network will allow the clients to enter into a direct dialogue with both sellers and other buyers, share impressions, discuss and exchange opinions. The promotion “Two blocks of shares for one action”: October 1 - November 12, 2018! Use this time to make incredible bargains. Very few shares left
  5. Ripplecash ICO - Profit-Share Token Backed by a Real Working Business. Join the Token Sale & Receive Bonus of Upto 60% . About Ripplecash : Ripplecash is completely decentralized network which will be used as a token-coin and fiat currencies swapping method in all over the world. The main priority of this project is to develop a decentralized liquidity solution with Ripplecash network, to build one of the connecting bridge for Mass-Adoption. Ripplecash, an on-chain decentralized exchange, for cryptocurrencies or digital assets (e.g. tokens on smart contract blockchains). Ripplecash Network will be simple, practical and decentralized liquidity solution for cryptocurrencies and digital assets with a seamless swap transaction in a secured and immutable blockchain platforms like Ethereum. Why Ripplecash : The project will initially focus on the development of the platform for swapping Ethereum-based tokens. As the cryptocurrency market is currently flooded with Ethereum-based tokens, a good asset range to begin with. It will continue development to accommodate more cryptocurrency and digital assets (from different blockchain platform, e.g. QTUM-based tokens, Neo-based tokens) using cross-chain and relay protocols. The integration of cross-chain asset swap will depend on the availability and achieved development standing of the following blockchain projects: Polkadot, Komodo, AION, Wanchain, Cosmos and other parallel blockchain or cross-chain protocols. Ripplecash Token (XRPC) : The Ripplecash is an ERC20 token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of XRPC tokens will be generated, including 160.000.000 to conduct a Pre-Sale, and 400.000.000 to conduct an ICO. Another 130.000.000 will be shared between the founders of the XRPC token, while the remaining 310.000.000 will be generated for advisory, bounty, Reserve fund, legal Compliance and PR pools. The unsold XRPC that will be created for sale during the ICO will be destroyed. XRPC tokens are not mined by users or any other Companies. Sign Up And Register For The Pre-ICO & Get 60% discount : ICO Details : Token name : Ripplecash (XRPC) Dates : January 4th to April 10th, 2019 Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 Ripplecash Total Supply : 10,000 Ripplecash Minimum Cap: 400 ETH Maximum Cap : 30,000 ETH Accepted Currencies : ETH Payout : Ripplecash Tokens will be sent immediately to your ETH Wallet Airdrop: Airdrop Form : Submit the airdrop form and claim 1500 XRPC (15 USD) & more additional reward 300 XRPC via invitation.
  6. Be Part Of The Inflight Revolution And Invest In The Fast Growing Drone Market. Token Pre Sale Event is Live! About Sky[nav]pro : Sky[nav]pro is an aviation solution for pilots, manned and unmanned aircraft operators. It features a light and portable box which integrates the Android or iOS devices (free Apps) into a worldwide hybrid communication network. Thus, it allows to integrate two-way communication, real time reception of weather information, live tracking and collision avoidance into a moving navigation app. Sky[nav]pro™ is becoming blockchain based and employs open source interfaces for seamless integration of third-party providers. Why skynavpro? Already the legal requirements are quite complex but will increase its complexity and formal regulations in the future even more to make collision avoidance, communication, as well as tracking more transparent and safer. Sky[nav]pro™, the worldwide first interconnected Avionic System for pilots (>1.2 Mio. worldwide) and aircraft operators (> 0.5 Mio. aircraft worldwide) in General Aviation (GA). sky[nav]pro™ consists of the following elements: Network : Satellite communication and navigation, (ADS-B) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), secondary radar, FLARM. Webportal/App : Free online Flight planning Apps for Navigation Book relevant Services. Own Hardware : Communication, In-Flight Weather, Tracking & Aircraft Monitoring, Collision avoidance Sky[nav]pro Token (SNP) : SNP is Sky[nav]pro™`s native ICO token. SNP is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. There is a total of 400 million SNP tokens. 60% SNP tokens will be offered for sale via the ICO. The new SNP Aviation Token will be used as the payment methods for all sky[nav]pro™ transactions within our network worldwide. Payments to the platform apart from SNPs can also be made in SNPs convertible fiat currencies, such as EUR/USD/CHF, in addition to SNPs. The integrated exchange API converts fiat currency payments into SNP in a seamless user experience. The end-user is able to use the system with normal currency or crypto, without being a crypto currency expert. SNP Aviation Token will be used, not only for service fees, but also for weather data purchases, online tracking fees, landing fees, fueling and all other transactions across the aviation sector. By adding early-bird advantages to SNP Token holders, such as discounts to the value-added-services they need in-flight, we are sure the value of the SNP token will increase significantly! Sign Up And Register For The Pre-Sale & Get 50% discount : ICO Details: Pre- Sale Date: Running until 31st December 2018. Pre-Sale Token Price: 0.035$ Per SNP (50% Bonus) ICO 1st Stage Date: Running until 15 Feb 2019. ICO 1st Stage Token Price: 0.045$ Per SNP (35% Bonus) ICO 2nd Stage Date: Running until 15 Feb 2019. ICO 2nd Stage Token Price: 0.070$ Per SNP Total Tokens Available : 400,000,000 SNP HardCap : 9000000 USD As SNP is a true utility token under German regulations and we already have a working product we do not require a Soft Cap. ICO Website*WebPortal*Whitepaper*PicthDeck*Telegram*Twitter
  7. Become A Part Of Social Network That Bring Crypto Player Closer Together. About : is a social network for blockchain players. It is a collaboration tool, a marketplace, an information hub and an application showcase - an all-in-one platform for crypto companies, investors, developers and researchers to leverage the power of crowd economics, crowd creativity and crowd intelligence. The platform includes all the possibilities of typical social networks, where people interact amongst themselves, form groups, and engage with organizations, leading to limitless new outcomes. On top of that, it is also designed to include specialized tools for the crypto community. Users can showcase their skills and seek co-creation or work for organizations. Start-ups can list their offerings and products for investment, advice, and collaboration. The news section brings updates on blockchain technology and its applications around the world, users can stay informed about cryptocurrency prices and trends, and there are blockchain specific tutorials for those who want to learn more. Upcoming features include tools to follow successful investors and a marketplace to buy and sell blockchain related products. Also, on the roll-out list are tools that connect’s underlying technology to the blockchain ecosystem, such APIs, plugins and a mobile application. Features: Social Network: Set up your personal or professional profile, connect with blockchain & crypto professionals, follow blockchain companies, network, post, share, comment & discuss on any blockchain- or crypto- related topic. Getting started made easy: Newbies find an extensive database of explanation videos on all relevant topics like blockchains, ICOs, token economics. Showcase & Integrations: Companies, Investors and Solution Providers can showcase their products to gain visibility. Coins, Prices & Exchanges: Follow all coins, prices, volumes & exchanges. Jobs, Projects & Gigs: Post & find vacancies, post or apply for a short term project or post or buy a gig. News & Press Releases: Read up on the latest curetted News & Press Releases. ICOs, Bounties & Airdrops: Discover promising ICOs to support, or find airdrops and bounty programs. Forums & Discussions: Join forums and topics and discuss every aspect of the decentralized world. Why participate? By participating you contribute to the creation of a versatile and multifunctional platform that facilitates all kinds of interactions and leverages mass adoption of crypto trading and blockchain applications. All CHRYPTO utility token holders enjoy all benefits of a premium membership to access exclusive functionalities of the platform. Affiliate Program: Become an affiliate partner and earn 10% commission on every sale you referred. REGISTER HERE FOR AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Airdrop: Sign up and add your ETH wallet address during signup or in your profile Add a profile AND cover image Tweet about or the Airdrop Follow on Facebook and/or join the Telegram group. You will receive 1,000 CHRYPTO tokens after the Token Sale ended. is free to join, but it also offers several memberships, e.g. a daily briefing directly to your inbox. Join now!
  8. Join the ICO of the world’s first DAO governed community DEX. Claim 75% of platform revenue every month. AboutEOSInterest network: EOSInterest.networkis building the world’s first DAC/DAO smart contract governed, dividend sharing, anonymous multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The dual utility platform integrates a Tor enabled Multi-Chain DEX with an AI guided trade portal. Dividend sharing: EOSInterest introduces a revolutionary dividend sharing model with native token holders. Accordingly, EOSInterest (EOSiNT) token holders can claim 75% of monthly earnings of the dual utility platform, by staking their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX during the corresponding trading month. Use cases of EOSiNT token: Trade EOSiNT token as a trading pair in the EOSInterest. DEX and pay trade commissions in EOSiNT token Trade their cryptocurrency tokens in the DEX and receive a refund of 50% of platform fee in EOSiNT tokens at the end of each 24 hour trading period Stake their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX and receive 75 per cent of monthly combined earnings of the platform during the corresponding trading month. Community governance: Community voting and dividend distribution governed by Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO) andDecentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) smart contracts. Specifications: Dual platform: EOS Interest platform integrates a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an autonomous AI guided trade engine. Anonymous: Tor- enabled multi-chain DEX enhances anonymity. Scalable: Scalability is achieved through linking decentralized wallets with an efficient centralized order matching system. Liquidity: Immediate liquidity of the platform is guaranteed through an Index fund. Autonomous trade engine trails EOS index and trades EOSiNT index fund through a combination of trading tools. Trans fee Minting: 50% of daily platform fees rebated in EOSiNT tokens at the end of every 24-hour trading session. Dividend sharing: 75 % of platform revenue every month, shared with the token holders Dividend issued in EOS and can be withdrawn anytime. Sign up and register for the Pre-sale Starts on Nov 20, 2018 40% discount: ICO Pre-Sale Dates: November 20th , running until December 10th. Pre-ICO token price: US $ 0.60 per EOSiNT (40% discount) Total tokens available for pre-sale: 1 million EOSiNT. Personal maximum cap: 1 btc ………………….. ICO Main Sale Dates: December 20th to January 31, 2019 ICO token Price: US $ .80 ( first two weeks) -US $ 1. Total token available for main sale: 5.5 million Personal maximum cap: 0.5 btc ICO hard cap: US $ 5,000,000 ………………….. Airdrops: Airdrop form: Submit the completed airdrop form and claim 30 EOSiNT( 30USD)
  9. malik2611

    The MonetaryCoinSeries

    The MonetaryCoinSeries: Real world economic datameets the digital currency space with distributions of MERO and MCHI ERC-20 (EIP-20) complaint digital currency with (1) proof of stake forging (2) an econometric oracle for forging supply governance (3) elective AML-KYC for transactions. The MonetaryCoin Seriesseeks to integrate cryptocurrency with real world economies by bringing the practice of monetarism into the realm of cryptocurrency. Two members of the Series have announced initial coin offerings: MonetaryCoinERO (MERO) for the Eurozonen andMonetaryCoinCHI (MCHI) for China, respectively. For more information and to join the ICO AML-KYC white listplease visit Although on the way to maturity, cryptocurrency payment systems have by no means been fully adopted which is one of the reasons for the emergence of MonetaryCoin. The digital currency is designed to be a value added supplement to the existing supply, allowing domestic residents and central banks a new tool to understand market forces. MonetaryCoin will serve as a simplified alternative to domestic fiat, offering residents the freedom to do away with the short-run decisions of their central bank while retaining money connected to the long-run progress of the national economy. Unlike many other digital currencies and initial coin offerings, MonetaryCoin is being launched with a specific purpose as it is designed as a value-added companion to an existing money supply, not an outright replacement to the existing system. This claim is substantiated by the fact that the starting number of coins being capped at not more than 1% of the current M2 per country.MonetaryCoin Euro (MERO) and MonetaryCoin China (MCHI) are each in distribution now, with a total planned supply of 112.8 billion MERO and 1.74 trillion MCHI respectively. Some of the features that stand MonetaryCoin out from other digital currencies include connection with GDP of respective national economies for price stability, cost-effective forging of coins for a fairer and more inclusive coins allocation, AML-KYC, and a solid foundation for the maintenance of the system. More information about The MonetrayCoin Series and how to be a part of the groundbreaking innovation can be found on their Website. About The MonetaryCoin Series The MonetaryCoin Seriesis an innovative set of digital currencies that each feature (1) an econometric oracle to determine the supply of coins available for forging (2) elective AML-KYC transaction by transaction and (3) proof of stake forging.
  10. WEBSITE ║ TWITTER ║ EXCHANGES ║ CONTACT ║ Facebook ║ ║ Telegram Group ║ ║ Telegram Announcement ║ Zaynix Contract Address: 0x30275cF5e1D66522d557Bcda6fc5c431FE297bFD Token Symbol: ZYX Token Decimals: 18 Etherscan Link: Zaynix First Decentralized Cryptocurrency For Investments Zaynix is the future of investment in cryptocurrency, This project was designed and launched to help both investors who want to make profits and those who can not invest for financial reasons. Zaynix work very simple in order to enter in the "Game" You have to buy Zaynix Token. Every time 1 Zaynix is bought, the price increases with 0.00000001 Ethereum. If "John" buy 1 Zaynix Token and soon "Thomas" decide to buy, "Thomas" have to pay 0.00000002 Ethereum in order to have 1 Zaynix token because "John" buy the first. After that "John" Decide to sell 1 Zaynix Token, The sell price for 1 Zaynix Token will be 0.00000002 Ethereum / Token and now "John" have made a profit of 0.00000001 Ethereum, He buy with 0.00000001 Ethereum and he sell 1 token with 0.00000002 Ethereum The price increases every time someone buys. If you do not have financial possibilities, there is no problem you can easily share your unique MasterNode link, if someone uses it to make a purchase you will get 33% of the fee. For Example: If "John" Use your MasterNode link and spend 1 Ethereum to buy Zaynix Token you will get 0.033 Ethereum. You can withdraw or invest your 0.033 Ethereum using the zaynix exchange system. You will be rewarded with ETHEREUM not zaynix token. MasterNode Link is stored on the browser session for 30 DAYS that mean if someone visited your link and after 20 days decide to buy Zaynix you will still get 33% of the fee, even if he did not use your masternode link after 20 days. It is enough once time to visit your MasterNode link. If you hold Zaynix (ZYX) and someone buy you will get ETH ("Dividends") even if he did not buy through your referral, The ethereum you will receive is depending on how much Zaynix you hold and how much Zaynix are in circulation. We want each user to benefit from these facilities with ease. That's why I chose them to be awarded with Ethereum not with zaynix Zaynis is safe ? YES Zaynix is the first decentralized cryptocurrency build on ethereum smart contract. No one have access to your funds. The only features the developers made editable are the name of the token and the price of the masternode feature. Developers dont have access to the funds of the smart contract (ETH) or to your wallet, you can read our zaynix smart contract. There was no free zaynix distribute, the developers and the investors have to buy zaynix in order to enter in the "Game". Zaynis Fee ( 10% ) When someone chooses to buy, sell or trade tokens, a 10% transaction fee is applied. That fee is split across all tokens currently in circulation as a reward to those holding them. Buyers newly-purchased tokens are added to circulation before the fee is allocated. ( If you hold Zaynix you will receive Ethereum from that fees. The more Zaynix you hold the more Ethereum you will get ) Anyone who holds tokens can withdraw their share of those earnings anytime, in ETH from the smart-contract pool, no fee attached. Why zaynix ? Zaynix can be only bought using MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or any compatible wallet that support ERC-20 that giving you full control of your funds. Zaynix will NOT be added on Exchange platforms. Why ? Because every Exchange platform have a commission (0.5-5%) This commission goes into the exchange wallet, exchange platforms can cause a huge price loss due to commission sales. That is why zaynix divides this fee to all the Zaynix Holders. NO huge price drop, NO hidden fees Developers have no way of owning more than 5 ethereum in zaynix, This is written in the smart contract. Everyone, including developers, had to buy Zaynix to participate in this "Game". Not even 1 zaynix was distributed free of charge. If you hold Zaynix (ZYX) and someone buy you will get ETH ("Dividends") even if he did not buy through your referral, The ethereum you will receive is depending on how much Zaynix you hold and how much Zaynix are in circulation Official Website: Official Exchange (You must have MetaMask): Telegram Group: Telegram Announcement: Twitter: Facebook: How to buy zaynix using MetaMask: How to buy zaynix using MyEtherWallet:
  11. Do you want to earn ETH? Participate in the contest! provide a contest for the best reviews of ICO projects The author of each review will get 0.01 - 0.06 (depending to the quality). In Addition, if you are active poster you can earn a potential 5 eth Register now and read the terms and conditions! For More information please read:
  12. Project Name HealthyCoins ICO Token Name HealthyCoins Ticker Symbol HLTY Blockchain Used Ethereum Website HealthyCoins White Paper Click here to know more about our white paper: What are cryptocurrencies anyway? Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency which uses encryption methodologies to adjust units of currency and verify fund transfers that are operated independently without any authority involved. These cryptocurrencies are decentralized and completely away from any authority that is governing traditional (fiat) money. Though digital currencies have multiple usage, nowadays these currencies are often utilized in crowd sales i.e. funds raised by start-ups for a cause in the form of an Initial Coin Offering. If you take away all the noise around cryptocurrencies and reduce it to a simple definition, you find it to be just limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions. This may seem ordinary, but, believe it or not: this is exactly how you can define a currency. About HealthyCoins The Medicinal Cannabis market is growing rapidly. HealthyCoins, a modern cryptocurrency that is built on Ethereum Blockchain gives coin holders access to this incredible and evolving market. HealthyCoins are issued by a company named Healthy Corporation Limited registered in Seychelles. A total of 25,000,000 Healthy Coins will be issued in order to acquire interests towards cannabis cultivation in Madagascar, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. African producers of medicinal cannabis have a much lower cost structure than producers in North America and Europe. This lower cost structure is a permanent business advantage. Holders of HealthyCoins benefit from this permanent advantage. HealthyCoins is the first and foremost cryptocurrency to provide legal access to African Medicinal cannabis cultivation to its holders. It is the right opportunity for those who want to participate in medicinal cannabis cultivation without the risks of setting up such facilities on their own. HealthyCoins are a digital form of programmable asset that exists in electronic form. It is built using trustable and transparent technology called Blockchain which makes participants free from intermediate governing bodies. Important Dates Pre-ICO Start date: 14th August 2018 Pre-ICO end date: 31st October 2018 ICO start date: 1st November 2018 ICO end date: 31st January 2019 Price in Ethereum 0.002 Ether One line phrase HealthyCoins are asset tokens which give coin holders access to and payback from African medicinal cannabis cultivation Concept Description HealthyCoins let you gain legal access to the fast-growing medicinal cannabis cultivation industry which is very difficult to achieve otherwise. Notable in HealthyCoins HealthyCoins is the technology that gives both experienced and novice coin holders the opportunity to profit from the medicinal cannabis market. Roadmap 2015: The Medigrow group is formed 2016: The Medigrow group launches its first applications for cannabis licences 2017: The first licence is awarded in Lesotho on 6th April 2017 2018: Medigrow Holdings agrees to sell investments in licence applications and licences to Healthy Corporation 14th August 2018: Pre-ICO sales of HealthyCoins starts 31st October 2018: Pre-ICO sales of HealthyCoins ends 1st November 2018: Initial Coin Offerings of HealthyCoins starts 31st January 2019: Initial Coin Offering of HealthyCoins ends 28th February 2019: HealthyCoins are listed on coin exchanges Our Team Willem Daniel Jonker – Founder ( Corlia Huyzer – Financial controller ( Kevin Horsley – Farming Expert ( Khotso Masia – Technology Expert ( Ncamsile Masilela – Administrative Officer ( Echo Meza – Business Strategist ( Owech Cynthia Owang - Pharmaceutical Director ( Sibusiso Mkhwanazi – Business Development ( Jose Vieira – Project Manager ( Hendrik WB Wessels – Farming Expert ( Wessel J Wessels – Farming Expert ( Gabriella Rahamefy – Communication Manager ( Izak Du Pisanie – Legal Advisor ( Our Social Profiles Facebook - Twitter – Instagram – LinkedIn - Google Plus - Telegram - Youtube - Medium - Quora - Reddit - Bitcoin Talk -;u=2301416;sa=showPosts
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  15. Popular live-streamer Ian Balina of was recently hacked in the middle of broadcasting a live video stream. According to The Next Web: This just serves as a reminder: your crypto holdings are only as strong as the weakest link. If you have some old recovery emails sitting around without adequate protection, now is a good time to update the security questions and add two-factor auth. Otherwise this could be you, too.
  16. The best project ever! I have checked out every details. Excellent team.. They look like pretty impressive. I have also checked out their reputations. They are really up to to the expectations! Kudos Plentix ICO!!
  17. Plentix is a platform that gives developers both a tremendous amount of flexibility and the potential to earn via their developments. The Plentix ICO will be opened to the public soon after 60% of the total number of PTNs will be reserved for the token sale. Come and join the community NOW!
  18. Neumal Fernando

    [ANN] GOLDELIM ICO - Free tokens

    Gol Coin.... New ICO!!! Found from a blog site! Buy 1 coin at $1. After ICO, 1 coin will be $21.23 and then 1 coin to reach $257 before December. Goldelim is targeting 1 million user community by December 2018. Found from a blog site. Get Free 20 Gold Coins when you sign up NOW. You better hurry! The Value of 20 coins equals $400 Next three Weeks. Register:
  19. TechCrunch recently reported on the detailed plans for Telegram's multi-billion dollar ICO that's planned for 2018. Now Cryptovest and The Next Web have obtained a leaked copy of the complete whitepaper for the Telegram ICO, with lots of juicy details. Telegram has high-reaching goals for their new cryptocurrency and Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain: Interestingly they have chosen to not only create a single blockchain, but will use "a scalable and flexible blockchain architecture that consists of a master chain and up to 2^92 accompanying blockchains". This allows a number of advantages over single-blockchain approaches, especially regarding scalability. TON will also offer a variety of different services, including TON Storage, TON Proxy, TON Services (smart contracts), TON DNS, and TON Payments. All of these services will be integrated into the Telegram messenger application to avoid needing to download a separate wallet client. What do you think of the new Telegram ICO? Will you be buying in when the initial offering goes on sale, to fund the development of this broad-reaching blockchain platform?
  20. Well, this is a surprise. Out of all the companies that might be thinking of launching an ICO, Kodak is not one that had crossed my mind. But today they launched a new site called KODAKOne, designed as a platform for photographers to register and license their work. The site will be powered by their own cryptocurrency called KODAKCoin. According to the official website: The company intends to use blockchain technology to track ownership of work, and will continually crawl and monitor the web to detect unlicensed usage of these works and endeavour to assist with reaching an appropriate licensing agreement with the original author. Interestingly Kodak plans to conduct their ICO under full financial regulation of the SEC, unlike many other recent ICOs that have skirted around the edges of regulatory concerns: For those wishing to participate in the ICO, Kodak plans to launch this on January 31st 2018. The ICO will be open only "to accredited investors from the U.S., UK, Canada and other select countries". More information is still pending availability on the official website, that should be launched later today. What do you think of KODAKCoin? Is it just another ICO designed to bump up stock prices? Or does this platform have real potential for helping photographers manage their photolicensing? Let me know your thoughts by replying below Press Release | KodakCoin Website
  21. The Zen protocol aims to introduce smart contracts to Bitcoin by using sidechain technology. It also introduces another intriguing concept called multi-hash mining. In this system, every two weeks the Zen token holders vote to determine which hashing algorithm to use for the Proof of Work (PoW) system. Smart contracts are written in a dialect of the F* (F star) programming language that allows proving in a deterministic manner how many resources the contract will take to execute. This avoids the problem encountered by many Ethereum users where a transaction can "run out of gas" while executing a smart contract. The Zen token sale began on the 30th of November and will continue until the 30th of December. If you're interested in exploring this smart contract technology for Bitcoin check out the Zen token sale website.
  22. icotracker

    [ICO] Hacken (HKN)

    Hacken describes itself as a "dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers", and the first decentralized token for cybersecurity professionals. According to the official Hacken site: The Hacken Ecosystem is actually comprised of multiple businesses outlined in the whitepaper, including: HackenProof bug bounty marketplace Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform Hacken Cybersecurity Startups Incubator Cybersecurity Analytics Center HackIT Conference Based in the Ukraine, it is clear that the company intends to build a community for cybersecurity professionals all over the world, centered around operations in Eastern Europe. As stated in their manifesto, "San Francisco and Bay Area are not the only place in the World where good software and hardware projects are created". In this ecosystem the blockchain will be used both for proof of vulnerability testing, and a cryptocurrency with financial benefits for members of the community that is developed. The sale of Hacken tokens started at 00:00 EET on October 12, 2017 and will end at 00:00 EET on November 11, 2017. Links Website Whitepaper Bitcointalk Thread
  23. icotracker

    [ICO] BurstIQ (BIQ)

    The BurstIQ token sale is live now, and will be closing soon on 31st October 2017. BurstIQ was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating a platform to power the coming Health Singularity. The BurstIQ platform leverages blockchain and machine intelligence to enable data from disparate sources to be brought together to create a single, unified data repository, and to be shared quickly and easily while still maintaining strict security standards and HIPAA compliance. BurstIQ has solved two fundamental challenges that have, until now, prevented blockchain from being utilized in the healthcare space: support for large volumes of data and ensuring security of the underlying data. The result is a transformational platform that is able to ingest and coordinate Big Data across disparate sources, manage complex data permission structures and perform nearreal time data transactions. Links Website Whitepaper Crowdsale Site Bitcointalk Thread