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Found 5 results

  1. The Eobot cryptocurrency exchange has an interesting policy for storing customer coins to protect against the possibility of their site being hacked: What do you think of this approach? Is it a good idea to have a separate wallet for use in the event of a hack? Or does this incentivize the wrong kind of behavior?
  2. Popular live-streamer Ian Balina of was recently hacked in the middle of broadcasting a live video stream. According to The Next Web: This just serves as a reminder: your crypto holdings are only as strong as the weakest link. If you have some old recovery emails sitting around without adequate protection, now is a good time to update the security questions and add two-factor auth. Otherwise this could be you, too.
  3. The Verge cryptocurrency (XVG) suffered a 51% attack on April 5th. An attacker exploited several bugs in the XVG code that enabled them to gain a majority of the mining power and generate free coins for themselves. The response from Verge? Calling it a "small attack": In fact, this wouldn't have been publicized much except for OCminer reporting the issue on Bitcointalk. Nonetheless, Verge have "accidentally" hard forked the cryptocurrency in the process of releasing an update that mitigates the impact. It looks like there will be interesting times ahead in the wake of this hack.
  4. Bleeping computer recently reported that the DNS servers for, an online wallet for Stellar Lumens (XLM) had been taken over by an unknown attacker. This has now been confirmed by the developer themselves in a post on Reddit. The creator of the BlackWallet website writes: It's important to note that while the server was compromised, since the BlackWallet website never actually stored your private keys you're still safe as long as you didn't enter any credentials into the site after it was compromised: Key takeaways: DO NOT LOGIN TO THE BLACKWALLET.CO WEBSITE - If you do, any funds in your wallet will be stolen. If you've already logged in to the website in the past, check your funds and for extra security use the official Stellar Lumens account viewer to verify your funds are secure or even move them to a new wallet.
  5. Back in November the stablecoin system Tether (USDT) was hacked and a hacker stole $30 million worth of the cryptocurrency. Now Tether have published an announcement detailing their actions since the hack. According to the company, they worked with Omni Foundation that develops the underlying platform upon which Tether is based to isolate and blacklist the stolen funds. And now they are beginning to enable service for users again, "enabling limited wallet services, allowing users to login and start withdrawing any funds held in their wallets, as needed". Importantly, the company says to be cautious of depositing any new funds to existing Tether addresses. New signups have also been disabled while this new platform is under development.