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Found 15 results

  1. Buy bees! Get TRX coins from your Bee-garden! Play PreviousNext You must have the TronLink or TronPay browser extensions installed to display game statistics. Game mechanics The game BeeHive is a simulator of the economic model of a beehive, thanks to which you can earn TRX coins. You can feel yourself in the role of a beekeeper, developing your hive, acquiring different breeds of bees and conducting improvements in the production process, getting real profit for it. The game has two resources wax and honey. Wax can be bought or obtained from bees. It is used to buy bees, open a new framework and to develop the hive. Honey is produced only by your bees, and it can also be obtained from other hives in your Bee-garden. Honey is very valuable, it can replace wax in case of its shortage, and is also used to improve production quality and is freely converted into TRX. 1 TRX = 50 50 = 1 TRX Buy bees The game has 8 species of bees, each of those brings a certain profit as raw honey, which after processing is divided into honey and wax 1. AirdropBee Free Brings: 300 wax / per day 2. SmartBee Cost: 1 500wax / honey Brings: 100%/ month 3. CryptoBee Cost: 7 500wax / honey Brings: 102%/ month 4. Beetcoin Cost: 30 000wax / honey Brings: 104%/ month 5. SpaceBee Cost: 75 000wax / honey Brings: 106%/ month 6. DroidBee Cost: 250 000wax / honey Brings: 108%/ month 7. TronBee Cost: 750 000wax / honey Brings: 111%/ month 8. SuperBee Cost: 325 000wax / honey Brings: 125%/ month Get beekeeper medals Improve your skills in managing the hive and bee-garden development and get medals for achievements: Paper medal For the first action in the game Leather medal Reward: 3 500wax Achievement Points: 50 000 Wooden medal Reward: 10 500wax Achievement Points: 190 000 Copper medal Reward: 24 000wax Achievement Points: 510 000 Steel medal Reward: 65 000wax Achievement Points: 1 350 000 Silver medal Reward: 140 000wax Achievement Points: 3 225 000 Golden medal Reward: 185 000wax Achievement Points: 5 725 000 Pearl medal Reward: 235 000wax Achievement Points: 8 850 000 Platinum medal Reward: 290 000wax Achievement Points: 12 725 000 Emerald medal Reward: 800 000wax Achievement Points: 23 500 000 You can earn achievement points from personal wax purchases, as well as from purchases by beekeepers who joined the game on your recommendation. For each personally bought 1 wax or bought by your referral you get 1 achievement point. In addition, if you received Platinum Medal, a bonus board with TronBee opens for you! Improve the quality of production Grow your hive! You can use received honey to improve the processing of raw honey, namely: 40/60 BEAR 42/58 HONEY BADGER 44/56 RACCOON 46/54 OPOSSUM 48/52 BEEKEEPER 50/50 AI The higher the level of purification, the more of pure honey you get! Develop your Bee-garden Earn more! If you are a very friendly beekeeper and always look at the development of your Bee-garden, receive a 10% bonus from wax purchases by beekeepers you have personally invited. By the way, you get pure honey as a bonus.
  2. The future market gives a big bonus for registration, do not miss the $ 300invitation to the project.Each of these actions can make you earn BZX:Claim your Airdrop +100 BZXVote for your favorite coin +500 BZXUpdate limits by checking KYC +100 BZXDuring pre-launch and after launch, Buzzex will reserve 25 million Buzzex coins for various campaigns for generosity.
  3. Exchain is a completely new exchange based on China, and about 500-800 traders are currently active. By the end of the month (November), they expect that over 50 new coins will be added to their exchange, so the activity will be increased. Trading for reward and profit in real time Register with an early bonus on the new Chinese Exchange by invitation
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