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Found 8 results

  1. The future market gives a big bonus for registration, do not miss the $ 300invitation to the project.Each of these actions can make you earn BZX:Claim your Airdrop +100 BZXVote for your favorite coin +500 BZXUpdate limits by checking KYC +100 BZXDuring pre-launch and after launch, Buzzex will reserve 25 million Buzzex coins for various campaigns for generosity.
  2. Today Coinbase announced that they are launching crypto-powered gift cards. According to the company: Not only will customers using e-gift cards enjoy zero-fee withdrawals from their Coinbase account, the company also plans to offer special bonuses and rewards for users when they convert their crypto into real-life purchases with partner companies. Currently the service is launching in UK, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands and Australia, with more countries planned soon. To start buying gift cards if you're in one of the supported countries, visit
  3. bitcafe

    C-CEX Invite Code

    Does anyone here have an invite code for C-CEX exchange? If you do, please share it here or PM me. When I try to sign up without one it says "Wrong invite code"
  4. According to a recent blog post by CEX.IO, the popular exchange will begin requiring users to verify their email address and phone number in the upcoming weeks, as part of a new crackdown on account identity and verification requirements. The company reminded users that their Terms and Conditions only allow a single account per user, and sent out the following email to all existing users today, titled "[Action Required] Update email and phone number on CEX.IO":
  5. Today Coinbase reported multiple issues with buying and selling BTC on their site, through the public status page and Twitter announcements. BTC Buys and Sells Temporarily Unavailable Intermittent Availability for BTC Buys and Sells It appears the issues have been resolved now, but there still hasn't been any announcement on Twitter confirming this. So if you're experiencing errors buying Bitcoin on Coinbase, check the status page as it may be related to these intermittent outages today.
  6. The Tokyo-based crypto exchange Bitflyer recently announced it's expanding into Europe. The company has been granted at Payment Institution (PI) license, that means it's now allowed to offer a BTC/EUR pair as well as local deposits and withdrawals within Europe. Later this year, Bitflyer also plans to offer more EUR trading pairs such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Does anyone have experience with the Bitflyer exchange so far? How does Bitflyer compare to Binance, Bitstamp, and Coinbase for example?
  7. The Kraken exchange has had a great deal of downtime recently, and when the site suddenly went dark many users were worried for the safety and security of their funds. Thankfully the site is back online again now, and Kraken just sent the following message to all users of their site: Update: Kraken have also published these details in an official blog post.
  8. AlphaBeta

    Binance Invite Code

    For all those looking for a Binance invitation or referral code, here's mine: Binance is quite a new cryptocurrency exchange, and is beginning to gain popularity due to the range of altcoin crypto trading pairs, and the very low trading fees. With so many exchanges closing their doors to new registrations lately (such as Bittrex and CEX.IO) it can be difficult to find invitation codes for these new services. I'd recommend you sign up while you can, in case Binance goes the way of these other crypto exchanges in being overwhelmed with new members