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Found 2 results

  1. filipesantiago

    New to crypto players

    Hello friends, players who like new sites, especially that offer free faucet and is implementing new rewards systems, I come here to present LuckyFish, friendly interface similar to Bitsler, Primedice mixed with Duckdice structure. This site is very promising, fast deposits and automated withdrawals. I have good expectations of winnings on him. Success and good luck to all !! Access:
  2. With the emergence of Bitcoin and the suspicions about it, also appeared the sites casinos that accept the criptomoedas. Over time it was developed and even pressured the sites had a way of proving that they were not taking a total advantage over their players, and came the algorithms of provably fair, based on mixing a hash of a player with another hash of the site in a server converting these strings into numbers calculating and generating "unbiased" results, the websites even show the algorithms used in calculations and how to prove that the result was true after rolling ... But the question is: Do we know that advanced programmers know how to design a system that even using hashs can direct the rolls in certain conditions in casinos, for example when a player is spending too much time in the same strategy, or when he is profiting a lot, or even has appeared in faucet sites to recover the coins collected. .. Even though I have researched technical explanations on the subject, I still do not convince myself that the sites are not so al How does this work? And how can we handle it in a way that minimizes losses? What is your strategy?