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Found 10 results

  1. Give your friends the gift of Stellar Lumens Invite friends to earn XLM too! They can be new or existing Coinbase users.
  2. Greetings. I've been in the crypto space for 2 years and I've learned a lot. The most important lesson is the flow of revenue. Traders, scammers, developers, and shills don't control the flow of revenue. The exchanges do. Binance and Coinbase are still raking in millions per day during the dead market. Unfortunately, most of us can't afford to build a major exchange. But we can afford a free exchange service that pays us for referrals. Can't we? Check out this landing page demo I designed. I embedded a permissionless exchange widget that will completely disrupt the crypto market very soon. My goal is to deploy over 1,000 of these exchange sites by mid 2019. Even if each one can only bring in $1 per day, I'll be very wealthy very soon. I can live with $350k per year.
  3. This is the first of the new altcoins that Coinbase is planning to add support for.
  4. Today Coinbase announced that they are launching crypto-powered gift cards. According to the company: Not only will customers using e-gift cards enjoy zero-fee withdrawals from their Coinbase account, the company also plans to offer special bonuses and rewards for users when they convert their crypto into real-life purchases with partner companies. Currently the service is launching in UK, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands and Australia, with more countries planned soon. To start buying gift cards if you're in one of the supported countries, visit
  5. Coinbase have announced that they will soon be adding support for ERC20 tokens in some of their products: Coinbase has traditionally been slow to add new assets, limiting its choices so far to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. But by adding ERC20 support, Coinbase could potentially add a plethora of new tokens without needing to individually evaluate and integrate any technology changes beforehand. So far the ERC20 support will only be available for Coinbase Custody. This means large scale investors rather than small-time traders using a regular Coinbase account. The company says "Custody will likely support more assets than those available to trade on GDAX or Coinbase for the foreseeable future." But there is a chance that these tokens will make their way to GDAX eventually.
  6. Today Coinbase reported multiple issues with buying and selling BTC on their site, through the public status page and Twitter announcements. BTC Buys and Sells Temporarily Unavailable Intermittent Availability for BTC Buys and Sells It appears the issues have been resolved now, but there still hasn't been any announcement on Twitter confirming this. So if you're experiencing errors buying Bitcoin on Coinbase, check the status page as it may be related to these intermittent outages today.
  7. I recently received the following email from Coinbase: Has anyone seen these extra fees when buying Bitcoin from Coinbase? Do you know of any other sites that allow purchasing Bitcoin without "cash advance" credit card fees?
  8. Up until now I had a large portion of my Bitcoin stored on the Kraken exchange. But recently the site has been very unstable, not even allowing me to login a lot of the time. Right now it shows me a Cloudflare error with the message "Web server is returning an unknown error". Most concerning of all, even when I can login to Kraken sometimes deposits/withdrawals are completely disabled. A message appears that this feature is "currently not available" with no further explanation. This is not what I expect from a trustworthy site that I rely on to store a large portion of my money. In the search for a more trustworthy and reliable site, I decided to try Coinbase Vault. Coinbase Vault allows you to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin - just like a regular Coinbase account. The main difference is that a Vault account has some additional security measures in place. You can choose a second email address (or another person) that must verify any withdrawals, in addition to the usual security verification for your account. Plus there is a 48 hour delay before any withdrawals are processed. This gives you enough time to notice any suspicious activity (using the notifications delivered to both primary and backup email address) and cancel the withdrawal and lock the account down in the event of an attack. It looks good so far. I'll share more feedback if I make any further discoveries after using Coinbase Vault for a bit longer.
  9. Several months ago a Medium user named @bitfinexed started writing about systematic Bitcoin price manipulation by an entity called "Spoofy". Now they're back again with a new article - this time describing how someone is "painting the tape" on Coinbase and GDAX order books. Dubbed "Picasso" (though this may well be the same entity as "Spoofy"), this single trader or trading bot appears to be investing huge amounts of money into manipulating the Coinbase/GDAX price to be higher than on Bitfinex. They're then using this arbitrage opportunity to its maximum potential. Not only is this happening for the BTC order books, but even more so for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that has recently been added to Coinbase. At one stage there was a buy order for 95 BCH at $8500. That's a ridiculously large order for something so high above the realistic price range ($2k-$4k), so it's very unlikely a human would normally place such an order. It's far more likely that a bot was manipulating the price perception by creating such large orders at a high price to sweep up the order book and then benefit from arbitrage with gullible newbies buying in at the high price.
  10. bitcafe

    Coinbase Insider Trading?

    Coinbase is accused of insider trading during the launch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH): According to Coinbase, "All Coinbase employees and contractors were explicitly prohibited from trading Bitcoin Cash and from disclosing our launch plans over a month ago." But somehow it seems the news leaked out because there was a very suspcious pump-and-dump action visible in BCH during the hours surrounding the launch.