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Found 2 results

  1. filipesantiago

    Bitsler Automatic Change Seed

    var interval = 610000 ; // miliseconds 60000= 1 minute // // function change(){ modal_provably_fair(); setTimeout(function(){ change_seeds(); },1000);} setInterval(change,interval); Scrpit that automatically changes the seed of the player at each interval defined in the var "interval", the code is already in the standard that is at least every 5 minutes, but you can change and extend this time as you want. Just open the browser console, copy and paste, Enter!
  2. filipesantiago

    Bitsler Script Auto Stop Profit

    As in the site Bitsler does not have the options to stop in the automatic mode, below is a simple code, but of good help for those who need to put limits in the values gained or lost. Just adjust the highlighted values of negative and positive values, open the browser console, paste and Enter that the script will be activated, to remove just refresh the page. Good games to you. //-------------------------------------------------Script-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// var profitPositivo= 0.00000005 ; //Stop Over Profit //--------------------------------------------------// $('<p><strong id="lucro" style="font-size:20px;color:#CCFF00">Dogecoin Donation: D5sUHNdoC3drCuGavgFnqBPSDGve41epVV </strong> </p>').insertAfter('#btn-bet-start-pilot-dice'); //--------------------------------------------------// var profitNegativo= - 0.00000005 ; //Stop Under Profit //-------------------------------------------------// $('<p><strong id="lucro" style="font-size:20px;color:#0099CC">Original Bot Channel: Rotina de Sucesso </strong> </p>').insertAfter('#btn-bet-start-pilot-dice'); $('#btn-bet-start-pilot-dice').click(); var profitAtual=parseFloat($('#current-profit').html()); setInterval(function(){ if (profitAtual.toFixed(8) >= profitPositivo){ $('#btn-bet-stop-pilot-dice').click();} if (profitAtual.toFixed(8) <= profitNegativo){$('#btn-bet-stop-pilot-dice').click();} profitAtual=parseFloat($('#current-profit').html()); },200);