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Found 1 result

  1. Hi bitcoiners Let me start of by saying: you have to invest to earn! Nothing is for free! I have started investing in this 4 year old bitcoin cloud mining website about 6 month ago. Although I have been a „Free Trial“ member for over a year I have never invested any into this program. They give you 50 GH/s of mining power for free when you sign up. To withdraw the mining outcome of these 50 GH/s you have to invest at least 0.009 Bitcoin (depending on the btc price) by buying 1000 GH/s of mining power (for 3 month). All I could find on it on the internet seemed very interesting and worth giving it a try. So I did. I invested about $100 to mine with round about 2000 GH/s. The program is based on 5 different mining contracts: You can calculate your potential daily mining income here. When I made my first deposit/purchase of 2000 GH/s my account status changed from „Free Trial“ to „Standard“. This entitles me to withdraw (min. Payout: 0.005BTC) my mining earnings (including the free 50 GH/s mining results). Once I had withdrawn my Bitcoin earnings I reinvested them into more mining contracts (3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 years..). By reinvesting you will boost your mining income drastically! Try the Profit Calculator and check out the income opportunities. My 2000 GH/s gave me about 0.00031 BTC per day. Which means I was able to buy another 1000 GH/s from my mining outputs about 14 days later or so. And by then my daily BTC outcome was: 0.00045 BTC. I think you start to see the pattern… By repeating this cycle of reinvesting all your mining outcome you can gain 30% more hashpower per month. For example if you start of your first month with lets say 2000 GH/s (3 month contract) you will have 2600 GH/s mining power after 1 month. After 2 month you will be at 3380 GH/s. After 6 month you will be at 9650 GH/s. Round about 10000 GH/s which gives 0.0015 BTC mining output per day. After another 6 month you will be at 46.500 GH/s (0.009 daily mining output depending on the btc price!). And so on... I am right now at the point where i can reinvest 0.01 BTC every day and gain about 600 GH/s mining power per day! Its very important to turn more and more to investing in „long time“ contracts since they are cheaper and more profitable. Make a little calculating and enjoy your earnings. * I now have 76.000 GH/s (0.019btc per day) and i calculated that by reinvesting my outputs until the end of june 2019 it will already be 0.06 bitcoin profits per day... and so on! Remember: you have to invest to earn in this system. You will not be paid until you have bought at least a 3 month mining contract. See my daily payout proofs in the comments below! REGISTER HERE TO GET 50 GH/S FOR FREE Payment Proof: REGISTER HERE TO GET 50 GH/S FOR FREE