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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings. I've been in the crypto space for 2 years and I've learned a lot. The most important lesson is the flow of revenue. Traders, scammers, developers, and shills don't control the flow of revenue. The exchanges do. Binance and Coinbase are still raking in millions per day during the dead market. Unfortunately, most of us can't afford to build a major exchange. But we can afford a free exchange service that pays us for referrals. Can't we? Check out this landing page demo I designed. I embedded a permissionless exchange widget that will completely disrupt the crypto market very soon. My goal is to deploy over 1,000 of these exchange sites by mid 2019. Even if each one can only bring in $1 per day, I'll be very wealthy very soon. I can live with $350k per year.
  2. bsmcryptotech

    Let's get to business!

    My name is CW Johnson. Everyone calls me Chris. I have over 20 years of business ownership experience. I have 3 business degrees including an MBA from Morehead ST. University. I’m married and have one son. No pets. My company is called Strategic Visionary Promotions. It started as a marketing firm. Now that Bitcoin and Blockchain are huge, I’ve crossed over into crypto-infrastructure development. Trading bots are my specialty My company is called BSM CryptoTech. We build a variety of trading tools. I also used to provide trading signals. Type "@insidecryptoinfo" into your favorite search engine. My results are proven and documented on two YouTube channels. I now make my living as a full-time trader and world traveler. Thanks for accepting me into this forum. Hopefully I will meet some cool people and gain some new insights.
  3. Some time ago I signed up for the Binance referral program. At first it showed all the friends I had referred under the "Referral Friends" section, and a list of all the most recent transactions coming in to my account from these friends under the "Latest Commision History" (sic) section. In the past few days though, I stopped seeing my commission history. Under this section I simply see the words "You have no commision." Has anyone else also encountered this issue? Do you know if Binance is still paying referral income?
  4. The answer to the question you've all been waiting for this year - "how do I register a new Binance account?". TL;DR: Here's how to sign up for a new Binance account right now: Click this registration link: If you see a message "Registrations Pause" then try again later in the day If you see a sign-up form, then create your new account! Binance accounts have been in short supply ever since the company stopped accepting new user registrations at the beginning of 2018. Previously, visiting the Binance registration page would display this message: Some users had even been offering their existing accounts for sale, so that desperate new users could buy Binance accounts from the previous owners. However, it should be much easier today with the latest announcement from the Binance support team: This is great news. The company is opening up registrations on a limited basis every day. So if you're looking for a Binance account, you won't have to wait much longer. Just keep checking the Binance registration page until you see a signup form, and enter your details to register today. And if you're looking for a referral code, check out my previous post below:
  5. AlphaBeta

    Binance Invite Code

    For all those looking for a Binance invitation or referral code, here's mine: Binance is quite a new cryptocurrency exchange, and is beginning to gain popularity due to the range of altcoin crypto trading pairs, and the very low trading fees. With so many exchanges closing their doors to new registrations lately (such as Bittrex and CEX.IO) it can be difficult to find invitation codes for these new services. I'd recommend you sign up while you can, in case Binance goes the way of these other crypto exchanges in being overwhelmed with new members