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    NEW Dogecoin Mining/Faucet /Dice siteĀ 

    NEW Dogecoin Cloud Mining/Faucet site
  2. Citizenflek

    Dogecoin Cloud Mining
  3. Citizenflek

    Bitcoin Doubler
  4. Citizenflek

    Free BTC

    Best BTC Gen
  5. Multiple Timer and Coin options Autoclaim Faucet #1 Autoclaim Faucet #2 Autoclaim Faucet #3
  6. Citizenflek

    Bitsler-Faucet Games

    One of the best Bitcoin Dice Sites I have been paid several times with these guys. Free BTC Faucet that will pay without deposit also. Free BTC Dice
  7. Citizenflek

    KryptoMachine - free BitCoins for inviting friends

    This site is a scam they don't actually pay. Don't waste your time. If it seems too good to be true it usually isn't true.