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  1. hi folks how would you like to earn bitcoin just for holding it in your wallet? this is what is called bitcoin staking or proof of stake. VIRTUALMININGFARM.COM offers staking your bitcoin from 0.0001 BTC upwards. Just deposit some bitcoin and earn a daily profit for doing so. You can calculate your potential profits here: Here are the latest payments: Happy earnings
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  7. Hi bitcoiners Let me start of by saying: you have to invest to earn! Nothing is for free! I have started investing in this 4 year old bitcoin cloud mining website about 6 month ago. Although I have been a „Free Trial“ member for over a year I have never invested any into this program. They give you 50 GH/s of mining power for free when you sign up. To withdraw the mining outcome of these 50 GH/s you have to invest at least 0.009 Bitcoin (depending on the btc price) by buying 1000 GH/s of mining power (for 3 month). All I could find on it on the internet seemed very interesting and worth giving it a try. So I did. I invested about $100 to mine with round about 2000 GH/s. The program is based on 5 different mining contracts: You can calculate your potential daily mining income here. When I made my first deposit/purchase of 2000 GH/s my account status changed from „Free Trial“ to „Standard“. This entitles me to withdraw (min. Payout: 0.005BTC) my mining earnings (including the free 50 GH/s mining results). Once I had withdrawn my Bitcoin earnings I reinvested them into more mining contracts (3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 years..). By reinvesting you will boost your mining income drastically! Try the Profit Calculator and check out the income opportunities. My 2000 GH/s gave me about 0.00031 BTC per day. Which means I was able to buy another 1000 GH/s from my mining outputs about 14 days later or so. And by then my daily BTC outcome was: 0.00045 BTC. I think you start to see the pattern… By repeating this cycle of reinvesting all your mining outcome you can gain 30% more hashpower per month. For example if you start of your first month with lets say 2000 GH/s (3 month contract) you will have 2600 GH/s mining power after 1 month. After 2 month you will be at 3380 GH/s. After 6 month you will be at 9650 GH/s. Round about 10000 GH/s which gives 0.0015 BTC mining output per day. After another 6 month you will be at 46.500 GH/s (0.009 daily mining output depending on the btc price!). And so on... I am right now at the point where i can reinvest 0.01 BTC every day and gain about 600 GH/s mining power per day! Its very important to turn more and more to investing in „long time“ contracts since they are cheaper and more profitable. Make a little calculating and enjoy your earnings. * I now have 76.000 GH/s (0.019btc per day) and i calculated that by reinvesting my outputs until the end of june 2019 it will already be 0.06 bitcoin profits per day... and so on! Remember: you have to invest to earn in this system. You will not be paid until you have bought at least a 3 month mining contract. See my daily payout proofs in the comments below! REGISTER HERE TO GET 50 GH/S FOR FREE Payment Proof: REGISTER HERE TO GET 50 GH/S FOR FREE
  8. ..still works. sometimes i had to play 2 games but it works!
  9. hi forum if you want to generate up to 2.5 BTC for free have a look at this website: Contrary to other Bitcoin generators this one does NOT charge any miners fee. Its 100% FREE! You simply have to enter your wallet address, choose the amount of Bitcoin to generate and complete 1 free offer (play a free browser game). They even have an affiliate program which lets you earn 0.01 BTC per new referral. Just use your affiliate link ( to gain new referrals and earn 0.01 Bitcoin per new user. 100 new referrals = 1 Bitcoin. Viola! Happy earning...
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  12. To start crypto staking for free simply register for free, login and use their free crypto faucets. The coins you get from the faucet start immediately staking for you. You can claim more coins every 24 hours. So they do accumulate pretty quickly. They will grow by them self and generate bigger and bigger staking rewards. Risk free crypto coins that become more over night...!