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  3. When you decide to stake your coins, you set up your wallet to create, approve and validate transactions in the network. The wallet, you are staking with, goes over the blockchain transactions, checks them and makes sure the people sending the money both have the money and can send them. All of that will make you earn rewards (your shares of the transaction fees). To start staking/multiplying your crypto currency coins simple follow the link below and start staking right away. START STAKING RIGHT NOW! Start staking 67 different crypto currency coins instantly. Deposit your coins into your user wallet, choose your staking pool and start receiving daily masternode staking rewards. You dont need to buy hundreds of $ worth of risky crypto coins and rent a server (and run it) to start your own masternode staking. Just invest any amount (of the coins you want to start staking) and start earning daily staking rewards today! For more payment proofs follow this post and check out the comments below!