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  1. balance is increasing.
  2. ...has anyone been paid by this site? plz post your payment proof here...
  3. Hi bitcoiners I have just started investing in Although I have been a „Free Trial“ member for over a year I have never invested any into this program. They give you 50 GH/s of mining power for free when you sign up. To withdraw the mining outcome of these 50 GH/s you have to invest at least 0.009 Bitcoin by buying 1000 GH/s of mining power (for 3 month). All I could find on it on the internet seemed very interesting and worth giving it a try. So I did. I have invested about 100€ to mine with round about 2200 GH/s. The program is based on 5 different mining contracts: You can calculate your potential daily mining income here. When I made my first deposit/purchase of 2200 GH/s my account status changed from „Free Trial“ to „Standard“. This entitles me to withdraw (min. Payout: 0.005BTC) my mining earnings (including the free 50 GH/s mining results). Once I have withdrawn my Bitcoin I will reinvest some of them into longer mining contracts (6 month, 1 year, 3 years..). By reinvesting you will boost your mining income drastically! Try the Profit Calculator and check out the income opportunities. My 2200 GH/s will give me about 0.00165000 BTC ($11) per day. Which means I will buy another 1000 GH/s from my mining outputs in about 8 days or so. And by then my daily BTC outcome will be: 0.00225000 ($15). I think you start to see the pattern… Its very important to turn more and more to investing in „long time“ contracts since they are cheaper and more profitable. Make a little calculating and enjoy your earnings. I will update this post as this review of goes along. Payment proofs follow soon. If you have any experiences or payment proofs with this website please post them here. Thanks! WEBSITE
  4. root66

    AIRDROP ALERT (0.0067 Bitcoin For FREE!)

    ...hurry up to get your share. the airdrop ends in about 4 days...
  5. root66


    hi crypto fans i just found this great browser with build in Bitcoin mining features. Its a Google Chrome style fully fetched browser that silently mines bitcoin for you. Its a really easy way to have some mining going on smoothly while surfing the web doing the usual online stuff. I love it. What do you think about it? BITCOIN MINING BROWSER
  6. Hi crypto fans i just found this great Crypto Airdrop Alerts website: They have a daily updated list of ongoing ICO airdrops. Just follow the simple instructions & claim your free crypto coins for free. How do you like the site & what is your favorite airdrop alert website? Thx
  7. hi crypto fans here is another AIRDROP ALERT. Get 50 BUC (worth 0.0067 BTC) and trade them to bitcoin. This offer only lasts another 11 days. So hurry up and get your 50 BUC for free. You can even open multiple accounts... GET 50 BUC FOR FREE
  8. Hi bitcoiners i have been using the BITCOIN MAKER google chrome extension to mine a good (increasing) amount of Bitcoin for free. This is no virus or ponzi investment scheme. Its a very easy & clever Bitcoin cloud mining extension. Min. withdraw is 0.0004 BTC. Wanna try? All you need is this website: WWW.BITCOIN-MAKER.NET Here are my recent payouts:
  9. root66

    MONERO MINER 2.0 (With Payment Proof)

    ..i use this: for example. it deliveres about 20-30 hash/s...
  10. root66

    MONERO MINER 2.0 (With Payment Proof)

    ..any feedback? questions? comments? working?
  11. root66

    MONERO MINER 2.0 (With Payment Proof)

    ..does it work for u guys? i get a good hashrate using traffic exchanges..
  12. Hi crypto fans Here is a great website to mine monero directly in your browser. Simply join for free and get your individual Monero Miner 2.0 link to start mining. MONERO-MINER.COM Here is my latest payment: Happy mining
  13. ...u need quiet a few referrals to earn 1btc per month. if you get 5 active referrals and they get 5 and those again get 5..upto the 10th level - u earn 5btc per month...
  14. hi crypto friends i just found an amazing Bitcoin mining chrome extension which can mine about 1 btc per month and even much more. Just let it run in your browser background and earn a good passive income. Here are my earning for the last 2 month: They do offer a 10 level affiliate program which can boost your earnings exponentially like shown below. The more people you refer and they refer and so on - the more you earn! So basically invite all your facebook friends to join and ask them to share their link with all their friends. Click "Get Boost" to calculate your potential earnings. If you get 5 of your facebook friends to become active users of this extension. And they themselfs get 5 of their friends to become active users and those friends again get 5 of their friends... and so on 10 levels. This would earn you 5.07 BTC per month in passive income!!! Want to start mining Bitcoin with this extension? Here it is: Happy mining!