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    Mining versus buying Bitcoin

    While I agree that mining is not also cheap,I prefer mining because of the volatility of the crypto. Imagine people who bought Bitcoin around Dec 2017 when it had shot to $20,000. Now,it's $6500! They will need to wait for a long time to recover their money! If one invested let's say $2000 in mining and another in buying and keep,in 3yrs mining may have earned around 2 BTC thus making more profit.
  2. Evans

    Mining versus buying Bitcoin

    Bitcoin having been described as a digital gold,people who know about this currency technology wants to have as many bitcoins as possible. However,one major problem is that not many can afford buying a bitcoin as an investment due to huge price.Hence,the best profitable way of investing in bitcoin is by mining.The best recommended is pool mining because mining alone too is very expensive. If you need to invest in mining pools do a thorough research because many scams are out there waiting to con people in this cryptocurrency craze!