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  1. Greetings: Im Vision, AKA Chris Johnson. I am a software developer and lifestyle entrepreneur. I hope to help people learn the truth about market manipulation, trading automation, and wealth manifestation. I currently am launching another trading bot this week. Let's connect!
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    My name is CW Johnson. Everyone calls me Chris. I have over 20 years of business ownership experience. I have 3 business degrees including an MBA from Morehead ST. University. I’m married and have one son. No pets. My company is called Strategic Visionary Promotions. It started as a marketing firm. Now that Bitcoin and Blockchain are huge, I’ve crossed over into crypto-infrastructure development. Trading bots are my specialty My company is called BSM CryptoTech. We build a variety of trading tools. I also used to provide trading signals. Type "@insidecryptoinfo" into your favorite search engine. My results are proven and documented on two YouTube channels. I now make my living as a full-time trader and world traveler. Thanks for accepting me into this forum. Hopefully I will meet some cool people and gain some new insights.