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  1. Permission.io Earn ASK Coins!!! https://watch.permission.io/login?referralCode=2MUNQM Introduction: Permission.io Is a video plataform that u can earn ASK coins, still no have news what exchange or when gonna be tradeable. Tutorial Register a Account in my link and start viewing videos, you need see the full video without quit to earn ASK coins they have a forum to talk too or if you need help
  2. The New Video Plataform,Earn LBRY(0.034$) By Viewing Videos,Posting Videos,ETC!!! https://api.lbry.com/user/refer?r=G4dUDpmyc4LEceFuNuM5BYbzbkfVYsPv Exchange Link:https://international.bittrex.com Introduction Launched in 2016, Bringing a new plataform video, that u can charge people to see your videos, or get donate, using the Coin LBRY,Earn Rewards too by doing tasks like: Tutorial Join my link in the middle of this post,U gonna need download the plataform in your pc, the videos you see in the program are downloaded the past you select, so dont forgot to delete if you have much videos, go appears a lot of tasks!!! EARN 20 LBRY PER REFFERAL!!! PAY PROOF
  3. Introducing BelaCam, A Social Network That pay you For Likes,Refferals!!! https://www.belacam.com/ref/biel39435 Exchange Link:https://mercatox.com/?referrer=511223 Introduction BelaCam As Launched in 2018, And is Growing Up Every Day Using the Coin BELA(0.02$) In Belacam U Can share pics,like others, and refer yours friends, you Earn 15 to 25 BelaCoins for every Refferal and belacoins for likes in your pics!!! Tutorial Join my link in the middle of this post, Put your Email, Username and Password register and confirm your email!!! You Gonna start with 10 BELA, U can withdraw them to Mercatox, link is on middle of the post!!!