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    100 free GH/s Sign Up Bonus! what is your company? We are a bank operating in many countries, with company registration numbers 201-81-33990 in South Korea and FC028561 in the UK. Full information about our company can be obtained in official sources at the links below. what is your platform? IHANA is a multi-currency mining platform for more than 10 cryptocurrencies. In order to start mining any of these cryptocurrencies, you do not need to have any technical knowledge. Extraction of coins will be easy for both beginners and professionals. You only need to go to your personal account and select the cryptocurrency you want to mine. We also offer a comprehensive exchange of cryptocurrency and fiat money. what payment methods are available to me on your site? We work with payment systems Perfect money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Monero, Dollar. In the future, the number of payment systems will be expanded. which my actions can lead to account locking? Account access can be blocked for a number of reasons: creating multiple accounts in order to increase profits, attract inactive partners using SEO and other third-party programs. what commission for the input and output of funds? We do not charge commission for I / O. how quickly handled a request for withdrawal? The withdrawal request is mainly processed within an hour, but not more than 48 hours. how does a deposit account account fastly accept? To deposit deposits in Bitcoin cryptocurrency you need to wait for the 1st confirmation in the network. Deposits in other currencies are credited within 1 hour. Fiat currencies are credited instantly. what minimum deposit / output sum? The minimum withdrawal amount is: Bitcoin 0.0002, Litecoin 0.02, Dogecoin 1000, Ethereum 0.005, Dash 0.02, ZCash 0.03, Monero 0.03, Dollar 1. what to do if you forgot password from your account? Go to the "Login" section and click on the "Forgot Password" tab. Next, you will need to specify the e-mail you used when registering your account and your login. After that, a new password will be sent to your e-mail. what currencies can be mining? You can mine cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Dollar and others. A full list of currencies is available in your account. Over time, the list of cryptocurrencies available for mining will be expanded.
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    30,000 Satoshi per day!! Dont miss out!
  3. 1) Copy and paste script into tamper money extension found in google apps. 2) Sign up here: 3) Keep script running and the satoishi counter will gain faster and faster as you go on. // ==UserScript== // @name febbit autocliker 2019 // @namespace febbit // @description Auto refresh the energy of the monster and the boost. Works only on mining page (/miner) // @author GtTeam // @match // @run-at document-end // @version 1.0.2 // @icon // @credit // @require // ==/UserScript== //settings var timer = undefined; var counter = 0; var website_url = ""; var sec_05 = 5000; var sec_10 = 10000; var sec_30 = 30000; var min_01 = 60000; var min_02 = 120000; var min_03 = 180000; var min_05 = 300000; var min_10 = 600000; var min_15 = 900000; var min_20 = 1200000; var min_30 = 1800000; var min_45 = 2700000; var min_60 = 3600000; function clearBoost(){ setTimeout(closeReward(), 500); setTimeout(function(){}, 1000); var boost = document.getElementsByClassName("boost-icon-flashing ng-tns-c30-11 ng-star-inserted"); if(boost.length){ boost[0].click(); } closeReward(); } function checkCollectCase(){ setTimeout(closeReward(), 500); //console.log("Collect Case"); var collect = document.getElementsByClassName("timer-text ng-tns-c30-11 ng-star-inserted"); if (collect[0].innerText === "Collect"){ collect[0].click(); } closeReward(); } //"miner-cart" function closeReward(){ //console.log("Close reward"); setTimeout(function(){ //console.log("rewards"); var close_r = document.getElementsByClassName("btn btn-primary btn-lg center"); //console.log(close_r.length); if(close_r.length === 1){ close_r[0].click(); } }, 3000); //jQuery.event.trigger({ type : 'keypress', which : 27 }); } function try_refresh(){ closeReward(); //setTimeout(function(){}, 2000); //console.log("Start refresh"); var refresh = document.getElementsByClassName("fa fa-refresh"); if(refresh){ refresh[0].click(); setTimeout(closeReward(), 4000); } //console.log("End refresh"); } function try_clearBoost(){ setTimeout(function(){}, 1000); closeReward(); //console.log("Try to clear boost"); clearBoost(); setTimeout(closeReward(), sec_05); } var timerVar = setInterval (function() {try_refresh (); }, sec_10); var timerVar2 = setInterval (function() {try_clearBoost (); }, sec_05);
  4. Long you have it running and the more you upgrade the greater the speed of the sat counter will get. but it takes time.
  5. just save the script then go to febbit refresh miner page and it will be working.
  6. go to google apps and add the tamper monkey extension. add new script, paste this script in then save. refresh febbit page and script will be working.
  8. 5 free coins per day!
  9. please try to use my link as a thank you. (better to start new account incase it gets you banned) Go to google apps, download tamper moneky Sign Up to Free Bitcoin: Enter Script into tamper Money refresh freebitcoin, leave running // ==UserScript== // @name Free Bitcoin // @namespace* // @version 0.1 // @description try to take over the world! // @author You // @match* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; // var timeout = setTimeout("location.reload(true);",3630000); function resetTimeout() { clearTimeout(timeout); timeout = setTimeout("location.reload(true);",3630000); } $(document).ready(function(){ setInterval(function(){ //$('#play_without_captchas_button').trigger('click'); if ($('#play_without_captchas_button').is(':visible')) { $('#play_without_captchas_button').trigger('click'); $(document).ready(function(){ setInterval(function(){ //$('#free_play_form_button').trigger('click'); if ($('#free_play_form_button').is(':visible')) { $('#free_play_form_button').trigger('click'); } },10000); }); } },10000); }); })();
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  11. Download tamper money from google apps add script to tamper monkey sign up to web site: use my link and show me some love. Bot works on paid to click page and grid enjoy the free crypto // ==UserScript== // icon // @name Ojooo // @namespace https// // @version 1.2 // @description Sign up: - Login, Click "Paid to click ads" or "Ojooo Grid", bots start automatically // @Author // @match* // ==/UserScript== (function() { if(window.location.href.indexOf("") > -1) { console.log('close grid'); setInterval(function(){ var len = $('.close_window').length; if(len > 0) { window.close(); } },1000); } else if(window.location.href.indexOf("") > -1) { setInterval(function(){ if ((document.documentElement.innerText.indexOf('Ihr Klick wurde bestätigt') > -1) ||(document.documentElement.innerText.indexOf('Your click has been validated') > -1)) { location.href = ''; } else if((document.documentElement.innerText.indexOf('You have already viewed this advertisement, please come back after 24h.') > -1)) { location.href = ''; } },1000); } else if(window.location.href.indexOf("") > -1) { console.log('grid'); var changes = parseInt($("tr:contains('/10')").find('td:eq(1)').text().split('/')[0]); console.log('Changes:' + changes); if(changes !== 0) { var random1 = Math.floor((Math.random() * 20) + 1); var random2 = Math.floor((Math.random() * 28) +1); console.log('Random1: ' + random1 + ' Random2: ' + random2); $('#' + random1).attr('name', random2).click(); } loadNew(); } else if(window.location.href.indexOf("") > -1) { var el = $(".tile:not(.viewed):not(.only_mobile_box)").parent().not('.ChillTip_ads'); var len = el.length; if(len > 0) { var href = el.attr('href');, '_self'); } else { location.href = ''; } } })();
  12. thanks dude, longer you have it running the faster the satioshi counter gets. also dont forget to upgrade your chips with the credits you mine
  13. TOKENBIX it's the place where tokenized more than 500 cryptocurrency faucets (BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE and USD). Everyone can start earning $100 daily. It's time to stop wondering when you can be lucky to win a lottery, there is a chance of changing life in front of you right now and why not start? High Security Standards Our SSL Certificate guarantees the security of your transactions. Instant Payments Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it! Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.5. Customer Support We have a great support team that will respond to any of your queries. Manager for Bitcoin faucets The manager is an assistant, a live person who will claim your faucets without your participation. Thanks to the manager, you can do more important things in your personal life. >> << link
  14. You know when you first heard about blockchain gaming, crypto collectibles and these non-fungible tokens, there was A LOT of research involved. Many of us, and people new this technology, constantly search through the pages in Google, Medium, Steemit and even hang around in Discord servers to get up to speed. With the technology and developers moving at lightspeed, it is a daunting task to understand truly what this Blockchain Technology is. How does gaming, cryptocurrencies, mining, masternodes, ICOs, airdrops and who knows what else fit together in this chain? Well, we are sharing with you something that got us really excited. A blockchain game about the blockchain!! Right?! The main reason why Crypto Idle Miner is standing out for us is the fact that it is going to be a simulation game based on crypto-mining. Other cryptocurrencies and to some extent blockchain games have touched on the ‘mining’ aspect through gameplay. However, this crypto mining game is, in essence, an educational, simulator-based game on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Players will embark on a journey to become a master of the blockchain, learn and understand everything there is to know in this crypto world. Each week you will win HORA, from 100 - 3000 depending on your leaderboard rank.
  15. The guys into every scam site going and he spams them on here. I made a post about his shitty site and he went mental.
  16. The reason I'm posting this is because this project was launched 2 months ago and it already has over 10k active members.Here's the site, you can read the FAQ You'll need an invitation code to start getting rewarded - you can use my code "TheLostCarlos" Rewards are decreasing, so the faster you join the more you get. will have to use TheLostCarlos to be invited