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This fork has been designed and developed to give all previous forks a run for their money, our aim for BitcoinSwift is to launch a reliable coin which is faster than the top 5 current currencies we have also added extra security to our blockchain allowing retailers to accept BTCSWT with ease and peace of mind, The average transaction time for a BTCSWT to BTCSWT payment is 27.63 seconds which is super fast compared to Bitcoin which takes on average 9 minutes for confirmation. Fork Process Line. 1st March - Early Members Benefits Program Goes Live. (Expired) 1st March - 8th April - Stage 1 Fork Presale (Expired). 8th April - 24th May - Stage 2 General Fork Sale (Currently Live). 24th May - Fork Goes Onto Mainnet! (Withdrawals Will Be Live From 0:00AM) How to purchase BTCSWT Tokens. To claim your "0.00001 SUPER END SALE BTCSWT" please follow the steps below: 1. Visit the BTCSWT Purchase page here 2. Enter the quantity of BTCSWT you would like to purchase. 3. 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Our team has grown from 7 of the best corperate crypto advisors to over 28 since we first put the fork onto the drawing boards, with over 20 supporting partners including exchanges & local retailers prior to our fork introduction is great. When transferring funds with BTCSwift you are not dependant on how busy the "blockchain" is ect we have AI (Artifical Intelligence) in place to ensure all transactions are completed and processed within 45 seconds of leaving your BTCSwift wallet, the AI software has been approved by regulators and correct authorities which we own full rights to including the trademark BTCSWIFT & our AI Package. BTCSwift Features Crazy Fast! The whole point our BTCSwift is SPEED! You don't wait in a shop for confirmation so why should blockchain payments be different? BitcoinSwift allows users to make payments which take less than 45 seconds to confirm. Tiny Fees Send funds anywhere around the globe for literally just pennies. 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