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  1. Play CryptoDozer and Get the $10,000 Doll. : To get started, refresh your wallet MetaMask
  2. Get your BTR (GET BITHER). Join in the early distribution amount is limited.
  3. Get free crypt on the best cranes Free Cardano (ADA) Free Riplle (XRP) Free Litecoin (LTC) Free Game X (GX)
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    Get free crypt on the best cranes

  5. PrimeXBT is a unique platform in the world of cryptocurrency trading. A wide range of trading and investing opportunities in a convenient interface will suit both beginners and professional traders. Convenient interface, ease of management, tracking market data. PrimeXBT offers a 1: 100 leverage for all digital assets available on the platform. All users are automatically given the power of buying (or selling), equal to 100 times the value of the deposit. Registration is free
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    For three consecutive months, a total of 10 millions ATN open. Trade now at NewtonXchange.
  7. Market Space Gem4me: the world's first marketplace, based on the technologies of chat bots, blockade and artificial intelligence. Market $ pace is created for the organization of markets of any scale: from the market of one product to global markets. The presence in the instant messenger of the mini-social network will allow the clients to enter into a direct dialogue with both sellers and other buyers, share impressions, discuss and exchange opinions. The promotion “Two blocks of shares for one action”: October 1 - November 12, 2018! Use this time to make incredible bargains. Very few shares left
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    ICO Worldwide Papular Project

    Promotion "Two blocks of shares for one action": January 22 - February 4
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    Earn money online, earn money and instantly show on any payment system, only
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    New polls
  11. Tier 1 (Current) $0.05 Per BZX 60%+ Discount 2 Million BZX
  12. The future market gives a big bonus for registration, do not miss the $ 300invitation to the project.Each of these actions can make you earn BZX:Claim your Airdrop +100 BZXVote for your favorite coin +500 BZXUpdate limits by checking KYC +100 BZXDuring pre-launch and after launch, Buzzex will reserve 25 million Buzzex coins for various campaigns for generosity.
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    ICO Worldwide Papular Project

    Amount of shares remaining: 87 467
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    ICO Worldwide Papular Project

    Promotion «Two blocks of shares for one action»: December 4-January 21
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    ICO Worldwide Papular Project

    February 1, 2019 registry ends
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    withdrawal of at least 10 dollars
  17. Exchain is a completely new exchange based on China, and about 500-800 traders are currently active. By the end of the month (November), they expect that over 50 new coins will be added to their exchange, so the activity will be increased. Trading for reward and profit in real time Register with an early bonus on the new Chinese Exchange by invitation
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    ICO Worldwide Papular Project

    From October 29, 2018 to November 19, 2018, partners and their sponsors who have a CAC = 0.75 or have a CAC = 0.75 during the promotion period, purchasing or sponsoring the purchase of any Go / Biz / Premium / Invest packages, will additionally receive in gift shares of the company Gem4me Market Space. The number of accrued shares of Gem4me Market Space is equal to the number of shares of Gem4me Investments Plc stipulated by the current marketing plan.
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    C-CEX Invite Code

    Cryptopia is also a good exchange try it on it until C-CEX opens up
  20. Довольно новая программа с новыми функциями Money Generator! 100% бесплатно. 100% автопилот. Работает для всех!