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  2. 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit &BigBang Games Genesis Conference- On June 1st, 2019, the "2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit" and BigBang Games Genesis Conference will be held at the Singapore Turf Club. These events will be hosted by BigBang Games and co-hosted by CoinVoice. The organizer, BigBang Games, referred to as BBGC, is operated and managed by the BBGC Foundation. With their headquarters in Singapore, the BBGC Foundation partnered with the Singapore Horse Racing Club & Equestrian Community - HORSEY/FULIFE Stable. BBGC aims to break through the barriers between games, optimization of the game asset trading process and new game development. Get connected with BBGC here- Official Website: BIGBANG Telegram group(EN): BIGBANG Telegram group(Chinese): BBGC Coin listed on HOTBIT AND FCOIN Exchanges: HOTBIT: FCOIN: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: BBGC Game Play Platform for moblie phone: #BBGCGAMES #BIGBANGGAMES #INGAMEMINING #GAMEMINING #BBGCTOKEN
  3. xCrypt is the next generation EcoSystem blockchain based that offers all cryptocurrency related operations from: securing different blockchains through the mining process, trading and storing cryptocurrency, up to make the cryptocurrency available on traditional payment methods. xCrypt is based in Malta, and besides being an innovative Trading, Mining, Social Network and Debit Card platform, it also has the added value of being in a favourable juridical ecosystem.IEO On IDAX.PRO EXCHANGE is on upto 24rth May, 2019At this point we secured agreement of listing the token once the ICO is completed with: Bancor,,, Extradecoin,, Mycryptobank, BITOZZ , IDAX , Bitforex , DigiFinex and more to come : Some partners : IBM , , MessengerBank ....more on website..We take security very serious and we made partnership with : xCrypt will do an IEO on Bitforex and IDAX after private sale end 25 May 2019 xCrypt License : Estonia Services to exchange virtual currency against fiat currency and providing virtual currency wallet services . We almost finished our collaboration with : for Asset Servicing , Custody and Safekeeping Agreement for debit card with Token listing on our platform once we go live with more then 15 ICO projects STO marketplace Ledger Vault partnership ( partnership Agreement for 3M investment from Beyond Capital Market fund.Token economics : Total supply : 200.000.000 Public sale : 120.000.000 Private + Public sale price : 0.10 USD Private Bonus offer 50-100%Website Facebook: Telegram: MVP : Twitter: Email: