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  1. As we know, block chains of AQUA Intelligence's data driven platform allow consumers to earn money from my personal data. Based on reliable data And other information sources, AQUA Intelligence is Most comprehensive Each distribution profile consumer. TRUSTED CONSUMER PROFILE A secure, comprehensive profile system built on the blockchain based on validated data. MORE REVENUE Increase revenue opportunities for hospitality businesses with more meaningful data. AI + PREDICTION Artifical Intelligence and data generate valuable insight and predictions for hotels. LOYALTY POINTS Maximize the benefits of loyalty programs for both consumers and hotels. They plan to make our data and profiles avaiable to be easily integrated with other systems. REWARDS AND BONUSES Powered by our token ecosystem to reward consumers for their patronage and data Revolutionizing the hospitality industry with comprehensive decentralized profiles for consumers in the international market. So you can visit at Announcement:
  2. I know this is really good, so we can get real benefit from now on the digital asset exchange platform. ChainEX is proudly a private enterprise in South Africa and at the moment is the only digital asset exchanger that South Africans provide a platform for purchasing, trading or trading 20 different digital assets using South African Rand. At Chaintex, they are working to improve ChainEX exchange by providing a highly reliable trading platform that is safe and easy to use. Their plan also includes extending the asset base by introducing digital asset currencies into the trading platform so they provide a better experience for users in South Africa and further to the world of encryption currencies It has been. LIVE TRADING Stay ahead of the game by trading at real time prices which are immediately & constantly updated without delays. MULTI CURRENCY EXCHANGE Effortlessly & instantly convert between Bitcoin, fiat currency & any of our supported digital assets. FIAT PAIRS Supports hassle free depositing of South African Rand (ZAR) using EFT for use on markets and withdrawals straight to your personal bank account. EXPERT SUPPORT They provide professional support through their team of experienced digital asset & blockchain technology experts. LOW FEES ChainEX Offers a flat rate of 0.25% transaction fee on all buy as well as sell orders regardless of the volume traded. SECURE TRADING our assets are in safe hands with their COLD storage, strict Firewall technology & team of security experts.for more info visit at
  3. I covered them with D.O. C here. They solved their dissatisfaction by providing us a gateway to pre-sales and community pooling. For ERC20 Projects They Use Primablock - Primablock allows us to utilize a smart contract for pooling. - Primablock allows automatic token distribution even with a lockup period. - All transaction data (company receiving address, sent transaction ID, etc.) are always presented to the community for oversight.. This site provides free access to growing communities. They covered us! Best rates & exchange chasing.and they do feet work for us! I am happy to be away from DOC. A good group of people and very stabbed. It is a good thing to come to places that will help you move in the right direction, such as spending a lot of time. For more info visit at
  4. According to my knowledge, extra credit is the world's first educational crypto collaboration devoted to online learning! Therefore, you only need to access https: // (Cryptocurrency) & https: // (Learning Platform). 7 RNHQ + ROGHU BENEFITS As They added, i thank their 5 PLFO) PMEFST - All WRNHQKROGHUV will earn a lifetime discount on all courses offered on their platform. Discount 1,000 to 9,999 Token 5% Bronze Discount 10,000 to 99,999 Token 10% Silver Discount 100,000+ Token. Distribution of tokens Extra Credit Team is planning to distribute our largest WRNHQKROGHUV to WRVHUYH. They will patch our distribution process at this stage and plan to distribute the token completely within a few business days. The reason for this time margin is to distribute tokens manually to protect investment and leakage of customers who present tokens before release on unauthorized exchanges / markets. Presale Start Date - March 19th (11PM EST) - 19th April 2018 (11PM EST) Public Sale Start Date: 26 April 2018 (11PM EST) - 26th May , 2018 (11PM EST)
  5. Join us in our journey to make the type of real estate investing normally available only to wealthy institutional investors and individuals, a reality for you, personally, wherever you are in the world. We are a team of multinational professionals passionate about taking real estate investment opportunities to the world market. Our vision is to give everyone around the globe, whatever their location, net-worth, or connections, the ability to invest and benefit from the North American real estate market. Our team, with over 30 years of experience dealing in real estate, has the knowledge, experience, network and the tools necessary to curate a portfolio of high-yielding properties with great potential for appreciation.purchasing our GRB coins. GRB is a cryptocurrency that is backed by hard, vetted, appreciating assets. So you are intrresting in it
  6. Aligato Team is developing a new generation auction sales platform based on block chain technology and AliCoin decryption. This will be version 2.0 of the trading platform that exists after 2016. New Ecommerce Dimension Their vision is to ease people's lives by providing unique and pioneering solutions that enable the latest technical achievements while maintaining a universal and proven way to function without problems . Using block chains creates a distributed database coded using cryptographic algorithms and gradually implements block chain protocols with artificial intelligence that simplifies the transaction process from the perspective of the end user In the long term Improve the function of the whole platform. AliCoin is known to be a distributed digital currency operating on a stable block chain of the Waves network. Their customers strive to use mainly AliCoin super fast and completely secure, please use. For details, please visit
  7. Monitor your balance and get detailed info of your activity. It is also protected with two-factor authentication and multiple signature protection. So you van simply visit at I think DS Exchange has changed the way I use my cryptographic advantage. My present life is simple. Encryption can be sent anywhere. Sign up now and make the most of the benefits of DS Exchange. You can send, receive, save and send Bitcoins securely. To the best of my knowledge, your DS Exchange Wallet provides a way to manage your funds whenever you need it.Load your Wallet account and start managing your Bitcoins. TRANSFERS Thanks toDS Exchange you can send and receive Bitcoins as you need. EXCHANGE You can exchange fromYou can use bit coin wallet anytime, anywhere. wallet quickly and easily with 100% security.
  8. Insights for Sellers: I believe that the seller will provide an analysis dashboard to track visitor interactions within the seller's page (profile, product) and promote engagement efforts. Machine learning algorithms will be implemented to provide sellers with suggestions to increase conversion. Coupit will help sellers to understand their business and customer behavior, as well as to help sellers find promotions that are suitable for both their business and their customers. Trust Program: The Coupit system is designed to help verify the reputation of buyers and sellers, and it includes a resolution center to handle seller/buyer claims. Ratings, reviews, and claims will be limited to verified purchases (checked against blockchain) to prevent marketplace gaming and false reviews. The Trust Program will be incentivized to expedite claims in a timely manner. The number of claims and the rating for both buyer and seller will be available on profile pages to help consumers and businesses identify risk when engaging in e-commerce on Coupit. Any time a transaction is carried out on the blockchain, there will be a record of the time of the transaction, both receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery time, and all other necessary information required to maintain trust. Every bit of sensitive information will be hashed and will only be available to authorized users in a well-designed user interface. For more info
  9. The Extra Credit Solution Extra credit is a platform to try to solve the lack of skilled talent in the block chain industry by providing a platform that students of all ages can learn about & U \ SWRFXUUHQF \. The training offered VLPSO\ an overview RI blockchain technology ZLWK in-depth courses that put students on the track to become future blockchain engineers. The variety is important because students have different needs. Those in management who want to learn about how to work with blockchain based businesses can take simple courses geared towards blockchain for business while those who want to get skills in blockchain engineering follow a GLIIHUHQWset of courses. This platform is suitable for beginners introducing cryptographic world experts who wish to hone their skills.Extra credit (XTRA) and BitcoinHomework are to provide a learning portal cryptocurrency For people with varying levels of experience in the industry. Extra Credit is the World's first Educational Cryptocurrency devoted to Online learning! So you can simply visit at (Cryptocurrency) & (Learning Platform). Presale Start Date - March 19th (11PM EST) - 19th April 2018 (11PM EST) Public Sale Start Date: 26 April 2018 (11PM EST) - 26th May , 2018 (11PM EST)
  10. There are barely any free crypto signal channels to be found that you should trust. However, we found THIS ONE FREE GEM, providing awesome performing signals and good technical analysis. In fact, you can make quite some bucks with this channel. Signal Review: We have calculated the profit for the FREE CHANNEL ITSELF was 800% Nett in a week time-7 days (Hard to believe but we were absolutely surprised with their performance) Most of their signals provided would increase up to at least 15%-20% in just 2-3 days (Average). What we found in the VIP Channel astonished us. Trade recommendations based on reliable technical analysis,detailed background information, fundamentals and special information (Insider infos). All the really good stuff! We spent 0.10 BTC on their signal and close our trade with an astonishing 0.07BTC pure profit in 2 days. Majority of their signals are originated from their own efforts, but they also keep an eye on other groups to seek for synergy entry points. This channel is definitely not a pump and dump channel as no trade we participated in has been pumped. Honestly, really worth the money paid for VIP as the quality of their signals is A+. An average of 3-5 signals daily was provided and ocassionally, mid to long-term signals were also posted. Signals for Exchanges: Bittrex / Binance Free Membership: To check out the quality of their signals please check their free channel first. You can join the telegram channel here: Paid Membership: Please contact @JamesWarwick by Telegram to enroll. Pricing: The subscription price is only 0.02BTC per month. 3 Months: 0.04 BTC (Free 1 Month) 1 Year: 0.10 BTC (Free 7 Months) Features: The VIP plan features some pretty nice stuff for Crypto Signal lovers, such as: -> Strong signals based on insider infos, legit news, and Technical Analysis -> Educational Strategies they discovered through their trading experiences -> Personal advice and mental coach about portfolio management -> Special news and forecasts -> Has Crypto Trollbox (To chat with other members) -> Detailed signals along with the backgrounds
  11. In addition to mining, you can stake 5 of your own tokens to create the first ethereum masternodes; Ever. Owning a masternode gives you a unique link to our website that the smart contract recognizes, anyone buying into the contract via your link has 33% of all fees they would oherwise pay into the contract, directed to you instead as instant ethereum gains. As I know, they can develop their own trading exchanges and can automatically trade transactions and tokens. These contracts have business volume.So, if you are intrereting visit for more info Yes, our staking and mining systems are comedic jabs at cryptocurrency as a whole, they're also immensely more fun, and reward in (ETH) instead of something that "may" have value later. There is a 10% fee. Person who owns token personally delete weak handover transaction. This invoice can be withdrawn from the smart contract pool at any time of the ETH. No commission is charged. Can you see a cute snake? Whatever the token price, he will generate income for yourself!
  12. Caffeinate with crypto Now accepting crypto! Cafe Joe USA, selling Israel's most popular coffee, now accepts bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, nano, and bitcoin cash (begrudgingly). Although the most historical purchase may have been a couple pizza, buying coffee at Bitcoin has become the most attractive purchase. .But it's not just pumping memes with just bags. It is often a better way of trading from coffee to payment processor. We are always aiming for improvement. They build a higher level of trust between sellers and buyers in the coffee space. I think they spent 20 years delivering international coffee lovers with the best Joe Cup and always taught us innovative things. So you can visit & enjoy coffe .
  13. I know that this is the best site for cloud mining. Drilling coins are to disperse cloud mining and make the price of mining hardware more affordable. This helps to prevent unwilling bottlenecks after a tremendous trading period now that the encryption currency began to be adopted in the world. We use ICO funds to negotiate exclusive deals with emerging and existing cloud mining companies that accept DIG coins. DIG Coin DIG ICO The company plans to distribute DIG of $ 35 million for the purpose of selling the DIG token from 17th to 17th February 2018. Initial investors who purchase tokens within the first 48 hours will receive a special bonus of 20%. Revenue using DIG coin DIG There are several ways for users to earn money by owning a DIG coin. One is a platform loan program that enables investors to earn passive income. In order to do so, you need to buy a DIG coin while in ICO or when you hit an exchange. After that, you can partner with the DIG coin and register with a cloud mining company that gets secure passive inc DIG coins will lead to a new generation of cloud mining engaged in encryption mining. Their platform wants to save costs with respect to cloud mining. If you are interested in actual cloud extraction, please visit
  14. Hello everyone! You can subscribe to the PreferredCrypto channel and get the latest news from CryptoCurrency to enjoy the review of researchers and judge the currency you want to trade. They are providing the latest news of the famous expert every day - You do not need to spend valuable time and see over 500 online videos and professional research links everyday. Regular subscription to this website's newsletter is usually $ 30 / month, but in the 15 days from March 30th to 15th there will be special rights for the next 21 days. I subscribe to the newsletter everyday, I know what's going on in the cryptocurrency market everyday, there are lots of precious information! Please click this link to get started. . To get the latest Cryptocurrency news from the experts, subscribe here: https://PreferredCrypto.News .
  15. Hello Dear You can ask someone to ask you anywhere in the world just by clicking the Coins 4 Favors App on the C4F ecosystem. You can also help others who bring small benefits and Favorcoins can get their own ERC 20 based tokens. All of these are implemented immediately in the block chain driven market. Pre-Sale starts March 1st. The Pre-Sale has two stages, the first one offering +25 bonus in tokens, the second +10. The public ICO without any further bonus will start on April 1st. Coins4Favors is based on the blockchain technology making it highly secured, and users can communicate, offer ratings, and build connection and trust.For more information Please visit the web page you can visit for a brief intro video. Feature = & v = EXquipYf 7 gives xk, questions and comments. Like the active Twitter account, @ Coins 4 Favors.