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    Hello everyone! My name is Laurence and I wanted to let everyone know about our new crypto-business - ShareCoin! ShareCoin is a new approach for bringing cryptocurrency into the hands of previously unreachable consumers via a real-world, regulated solution. We are not just looking at creating another 'blockchain', but solving a real-world problem - how do people acquire cryptocurrency, how does your friend acquire cryptocurrency - how does your IT-illiterate grandmother acquire crypto-currency? ShareCoin aim to solve this problem by common-sense business approach, delivering solutions that resolve existing issues in the crypto-space. The business is led by experience professionals in technology, commercial negotiations, product delivery and business regulations, to assure investors that ShareCoin is a platform that can be trusted, and delivers tangible market benefits. We will be announcing an ICO around June/July time, but for now our primary focus will be our ShareCoin solution - we'll release more information about it as we sign off on the relevant regulatory and commercial contracts! Please visit us at, or on twitter at Feel free to ask any questions!