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  1. Do you want to join a real cryptocurency trading site? I think that this is the proper place, as iCoin is a block chain based encryption trading platform and many of the encrypted coins are traded everyday. Discover the most advanced Bitcoin Trading Platform now. Why iCoin Trading Platform? iCoin cryptocurrency trading platform operates on a trading rule established on an open order book that is based on a price/time principle. This means that an earlier submitted transaction is processed faster that a transaction submitted after it. No Central Authority Transactions are also processed based on price preference. This means a buying order with the least price is preferred, and the selling order with the highest price is preferred. Safe & Secure The iCoin platform also has a robust and attractive capital base of $1.6 million, which makes the company a self -sustaining one. The last thing a cryptocurrency token holder wants to hear is a trading platform crashing and they losing all their funds. The iCoin exchange provides a safe and secure encryption exchange platform that guarantees the security of user assets and personal information. ICoin, Thailand based encryption exchange platform, will soon be a global encryption trading platform. In the long term, iCoin aims to be in the top cryptographic exchange there. If you are interested, you can easily visit at
  2. According to my knowledge, extra credit is the world's first educational crypto collaboration devoted to online learning! Therefore, you only need to access https: // (Cryptocurrency) & https: // (Learning Platform). 7 RNHQ + ROGHU BENEFITS As They added, i thank their 5 PLFO) PMEFST - All WRNHQKROGHUV will earn a lifetime discount on all courses offered on their platform. Discount 1,000 to 9,999 Token 5% Bronze Discount 10,000 to 99,999 Token 10% Silver Discount 100,000+ Token. Distribution of tokens Extra Credit Team is planning to distribute our largest WRNHQKROGHUV to WRVHUYH. They will patch our distribution process at this stage and plan to distribute the token completely within a few business days. The reason for this time margin is to distribute tokens manually to protect investment and leakage of customers who present tokens before release on unauthorized exchanges / markets. Presale Start Date - March 19th (11PM EST) - 19th April 2018 (11PM EST) Public Sale Start Date: 26 April 2018 (11PM EST) - 26th May , 2018 (11PM EST)
  3. Aqua intelligence. Hospitality industry revolution with comprehensive distribution profile for consumers in international market. According to my knowledge, the current solutions used in the hospitality industry contain segmented and incorrect data as a result of older software solutions built without data intelligence. AQUA is now confusing the landscape by using AI and block chain technology to develop the first comprehensive data solution for the hospitality industry. With this innovative approach, AQUA helps to increase business revenue by providing customers with personalized products, improving operational efficiency, and using efficient machine marketing with machine learning It is. At the same time, AQUA can participate in the AQUA token ecosystem so that customers can validate the data and optimize the interests of the loyalty. This is realized by utilizing individual data sources such as AQUA SDK, AQUA Rewards application, AQUA PMS . So you can visit at Announcement:
  4. Escorting work is difficult You can do it easily with PinkDate. Many people do not know how much work escorts. They often see the rate in hours and think that it is a wonderful gig. However, for all working hours, a typical escort will spend about three hours of effort. Marketing, safety, verification, conversation with leads, reference handling, hosting - this will be integrated very quickly. Easy with PinkDate! We streamline the escorting work, save time and create huge value. Marketplaces like Craigslist and Backpage have more problems than they solve. Buyers and sellers are left to protect themselves. Such companies can not engage in individual transactions. PinkDate serves as a broker between customers and companions within a convenient and easy-to-use platform and provides true customer service and quality experience. By ensuring booking fees and other sources of income, we can guarantee significant profit growth and the provision of world-class services. The PinkDate Escorting Platform The PinkDate Escorting Platform integrates detailed search, booking, payment, and screening into a single, user-friendly interface. Clients are able to input detailed search features, browse all available escorts, and make “Instant Book” requests. Escorts can view clients’ screening info, provide availability in advance, and accept payments. Both parties can benefit from fast, efficient interactions, saving time and money in the process. So you can simply visit
  5. According to my knowledge Artificial Integrated Intelligence is a machine idea that thinks at or above human cognitive level. AGI I have escaped scientists for more than 60 years and are mainly presented as narrow machine learning. Kimera wants to advance mankind by solving and destroying the challenges we face as seeds Currently, it is an economic model biased towards wealthy people. Funding from the beginning Coin Offering (ICO) is used to realize this vision by integrating the following two technologies. Intelligence (AGI) and block chain smart contract. Moving Huminity Forward Society has advanced more in the past several decades than it has in a millennium. Despite all our technological and societal advances, we struggle to overcome some of the same fundamental challengesglobal poverty, disease, and the distribution of wealth and power, to name just a few. Humanity has a long way to go. Kimera envisions a future where people are surrounded by intelligent things that can understand each individual, anticipate their goals and proactively assist them in everyday life. This could translate into helping an individual book a plane ticket or helping all of society reducing homelessness. In this future, machines augment our thinking and either automate some decision making or proactively deliver the content or services needed to assist in the decision-making process. The capability of a truly intelligent machine will blend into the background of our lives, freeing people from constantly having to operate their devices and instead allow them to focus instead on living their lives to their fullest potential. Current interpretation states that, while we are building an exciting utility for the tokens, these tokens are considered securities.for more info visit at
  6. According to my knowledge, Repo Blockchain wishes to partner with automobile finance industry leaders to strengthen the auto-reposition process. The concept is simple: Scan license plates and receive compensation tokens that identify tagged vehicles. The Repo Coin app, once released, will allow users to earn tokens that can be claimed for items on their website which range from gift cards to an incredible Tesla Model 3! In addition, Repo Blockchain will be launching the “We Care” program, a fund that will be used to purchase vehicles for those who are truly struggling. The contest will ask entrants to submit a video, and Repo token holders will vote for their favorite. To get the program started, Repo Blockchain has pledged one million tokens! To learn more about Repo Blockchain and their non-traditional ICO release, visit their website I think that for many people, the cryptocurrency market seems to be out of reach. Repo Blockchain is about to change this. The repo · coin project is not a fund raising by ICO, but plans to allow participants to acquire tokens instead. This will avoid public frenzy FOMO frenzy that will allow people to invest money.
  7. According to my knowledge, the lift platform using encryption as a form of paying on-demand private drivers using location-based applications. Now You can register as a driver and start your own cryptographic business or use the app as a passenger to help integrate a new era of encrypted communication into your daily life.please visit Lift Token is a network made in Germany based on Ethereum Blockchain. It is a platform that uses location-based applications to adopt on-demand. The private driver uses encryption as the payment form. I think that it is very convenient and easy to use. By using a taxi service, you can pick up and pick up a driver in the center of the driver. All you need is a tap on your smartphone. The nearest taxi driver will arrive. As the number of lift drivers increases, the estimated time of arrival is also shortened, and the lift platform Lift Token Wallet clarifies the issue of the transaction period. All transactions done using lift token wallet are completed in seconds with lower transaction fee.This is a nice place to ease our daily activities
  8. As we all know, extra credits can solve this problem students You can gain knowledge of Bitcoin and other block chain technologies. The platform is Suitable for beginners introducing the world of cryptocurrency An expert who wants to sharpen their skills. The platform, Give students the opportunity to earn XTRA tokens when they complete the course You can achieve good scores at any competition. As a contributor, Provide modules that students can undertake providing modules that students can undertake First Educational Cryptocurrency Extra Credit is the World's first Educational Cryptocurrency devoted to Online learning! So you can simply visit at (Cryptocurrency) & (Learning Platform). BitcoinHomework Extra credit (XTRA) and BitcoinHomework are to provide a learning portal cryptocurrency For people with varying levels of experience in the industry. BitcoinHomework It is a hub for sharing ideas and learning about many aspects cryptocurrencies. Provide modules that students can undertake The PreICO program will be launched from December 1st, 2017 to January 1st, 2018. This gives investors ample time to invest in the Extra Credit at discounted prices. The proceeds will be used to market the main ICO that will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2018. Presale Start Date - March 19th (11PM EST) - 19th April 2018 (11PM EST) Public Sale Start Date: 26 April 2018 (11PM EST) - 26th May , 2018 (11PM EST) The minimum during PRE SALE is $1,000 - 20% BONUS The minimum during PUBLIC SALE is $50 - 10% BONUS
  9. I think they built an affiliate platform on the block chain. They are rebuilding a global e-commerce market that is safe, smart and easy to use, and it is completely confusing how merchants earn commissions and how they buy and sell items. Watashi wa karera ga burokk What Is Coupit? Coupit aims to reinvent the global e-commerce marketplace by building a blockchain-basedaffiliate program and loyalty program. The affiliate platform revolves around a digital token called Coupit (COUP), which is an NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain. The goal of Coupit is not just to offer an affiliate program, but to also combine their reward ecosystem with the creation of a giant e-commerce marketplace. In other words, Coupit will be an affiliate system and online marketplace rolled into one convenient solution. Sellers can track visitor interactions with an analytics dashboard, and customers can interact with the platform through an app. How Does Coupit NEO Blockchain Cryptocurrency Work? Coupit is a decentralized platform built on the NEO blockchain. The platform allows businesses and individuals to market their products and services through a blockchain-based marketplace.Affiliate marketers, meanwhile, can earn money by referring products and services to people through that marketplace. Coupit uses special APIs to speed up interactions and transactions on the platform. Customers can purchase items using traditional payment methods (like VISA and MasterCard). The platform plans to eventually add payment support for top cryptocurrencies. For more info visit
  10. I think this is the best ability to invest in the North American real estate market and profit. Our team has experience dealing with real estate for more than 30 years and has the necessary tools to manage knowledge, experience, network, and high yield portfolio. Real Estate Investments in the Blockchain World Diversification, Stability, and Strong Returns for a Balanced InvestmentStrategy using our Real Estate-backed Cryptocurrency It is exposed to the trillion dollar commercial real estate market by purchasing GRB coins through a secure platform based on the Ethereum block chain. GRB is an encryption method backed by strictly appraised highly valued assets. The net asset value of real estate provides the bottom of currency value. However, in order to expand the scale of our network beyond the return on real estate investment and to accept cash settlement as an executable form of settlement, franchise stores in the store will make the value of GRB far exceed the net I am convinced that the asset value of real estate assets. Profit Sharing token holders receive 60% of our operational profits.An anti-inflationary cryptocurrency that allows investors all over the world to easily invest in top quality income producing commercial real estate in Canada. So you are investing in it
  11. I think this is a real site In order to facilitate the smooth entry into autonomously controlled volume reward madness, we have developed our own distributed Exchange so that we can automatically trade trade and tokens I made it. These contracts have business volumes.You can try Mining The name of the token is called proof of "mining algorithm of trace of weak hand". Simply put, if someone chooses to purchase, buy or sell tokens, a 10% transaction fee will apply. This fee proves trader's weak hand and is divided into all tokens that are currently on sale. People who possess tokens can withdraw their revenue share at any time from smart outlet pools through ETH.Do you see cute snakes? Whatever the token price he takes away the reward for you in every deal! The name of the token is called proof of "mining algorithm of faint hand tracing". Simply put, it's when someone has a weak hand. Purchase a smart contract, transfer the token, and return to the contract. So, if you are intrereting you can use
  12. I know that lift token is a network based on ethereum blockchain connecting passengers and passengers using smartphone application. You can register as a driver and start your own cryptographic business or use the app as a passenger to help integrate a new era of encrypted communication into your daily life. Lift Token is a network made in Germany based on Ethereum Blockchain. It is a platform that uses location based apps to adopt on demand The private driver uses encryption as the form of payment. By using a taxi service, you can pick up you by watching the driver in the middle of the driver. All you need is a tap on your smartphone, the nearest taxi driver will arrive. Lift is a platform that uses location-based applications to adopt on-demand private drivers using encryption as payment form. So I really like it For details, please visit
  13. Is one of the world's largest Bitcoin trading sites ? Are They provides margin transactions. So I think that BitMEX offers margin trading, and Bitcoin is utilized up to 100 times in the field and futures markets. They are well established providing reliability, safety, bulk exchange, margin trading options, advanced trading. On this site, customers can also see how to save money. Like Multisig, there is a drawer that only partners can sign. Please keep the coin in the refrigerator in case of theft or hacking. . Security One of the strengths of BitMEX is security focus. Until today, there are no hacks or serious security breaches, and we are reinforcing security once a day. Conclusion If you are planning to trade Bitcoin's spot market and futures markets up to 100x margin, this might be the platform for you. Liquidity is high, and the UI is highly appreciated compared to most competition at present. Management focuses on security focus, but this is essential in cryptographic space. Bitmex enables business from all over the world except the United States, Cuba, Crime, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea. Only Bitcoins deposits and withdrawals are possible. BitMEX offers bit coins as trading options. However, customers can access altcoin as follows: Dash Monero Etterim Etiolam Classic Litho Coin ripple test Qtum Zcash. For more info visit at will also give you 10% of the fee!
  14. CryptoCelebrities offers a new web-based "game"As we know, the Cryptokitties game is crowded with the Ethereum network. How Does Crypto Celebrities Work? Users can actually earn money through the platform by buying the right celebrities early on. Prices will double in each transaction, and users will receive the full value of celebrities traded. That's how it works: To use Crypto Celebrities, you need to add extensions to your wallet and purchase celebrities you want to load on ETH. There is a place where things will be interesting here. If another user decides to want the celebrity (each one has only one copy), they can purchase it at a higher cost and the seller can not refuse. The contract starts at a price of about 10 cents. Today, celebrities like Mr. Tetsu Nakamoto are sold at about 13 ETH ($ 13,000) on the platform after 32 transactions. Donald Trump is now 11 ETH after 28 transactions. For more info visit
  15. Is bit coin crashing? Have you burned out ascending and descending ciphers? Our contract is designed to be a smart place to generate revenue whenever there is business volume. You can sit down and worry about other things like the collapse of Western civilization. You can try The name of the token is called proof of "mining algorithm of trace of weak hand". Simply put, when someone has a weak hand. Purchasing our smart contracts, transferring tokens and returning to contracts. There is a 10% fee. The person possessing the token gets a personal cut of any weak handover transaction. You can withdraw this bill from the Smart Contract Pool at any time in ETH. No commission is charged. Do you see cute snakes? You get yourself, he generates income for you whatever the token price is! I think that a smart contract (your new logo accounting buddy) holds all the etalia that bought these tokens. When withdrawing a token or dumping a token, you can use all payment you pay. You are with ETERRIAM. You are a weak hand fool.