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  1. I suggest that Arbenis is just launched cryptocurrency. I like the idea of this project. On the site in your roadmap, you made the same mistake in the word develop several times. You wrote it as develope. Of course, I understand that it can be just a misprint, but it makes a bad impression. Anyway, I need to do my research to make sure it worth investing.
  2. mas85

    Bitcoin price

    It’s pretty easy to use to find out what is the current price of btc. But you should know that bitcoin is volatile, the price changes very quickly even within a day. You can check the price on such sites like coinmarketcap ( or coindesk. The alternative is to check the price on trading platforms, where you can see the real market price. For example, on CEX you can monitor the price in USD, GBP, and EUR ( Actually, you will find the price on any exchange. As for the current price, it’s $3592.20.
  3. mas85

    Bitcoin price

    Oh , such an easy question)))))