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  1. AlphaBeta

    What is Crypto Pro Shop?

    Nice shop! I like some of the designs, especially the "I am Groot" parody
  2. AlphaBeta

    Cryptokitties Bot

    Crypto Kitties has written a post on Medium about Cryptokitties Policy on Bots. This is a good thing to read if you're planning to write or use bots to trade crypto kitties.
  3. AlphaBeta

    July Contest - Win Free Bitcoin

    Would you like to earn some free Bitcoin? Well, now's your chance! To encourage new members to participate in our community, we're running a competition this July. Regular participants will have the chance to win great prizes and be rewarded for their efforts. How does it work? It's simple, really. To enter this competition: Create an account Crypto Black Hat Forums. Reply to this thread telling us the BTC address where you'd like to receive your prize. Visit the homepage and start replying to threads Anything you post (including new threads and replies to existing threads) will count towards your total post count. At the end of the month, the users with the greatest contributions will be rewarded with a prize! What are the prizes? Well, this all depends on where you stand in the rankings at the end of the month: First Prize - $50 worth of BTC User with the highest number of unique posts created during July (minimum 30 posts and 5 reputation). Second Prize - $20 worth of BTC User with the second highest number of unique posts created during July (minimum 20 posts and 2 reputation). How will I know if I've won? All valid (non-spam) posts including replies to existing threads will count towards your post count, and your chance to win the prize! At the end of July we'll review all the entries, and post an update on this thread announcing the winners and the transaction link for both prizes awarded. --- Thanks for your support helping build this site into a great community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Let me know if you have any questions by replying below, or sending a private message. Good luck, and have fun!
  4. AlphaBeta

    WHO KNOW SHA 256

    Firstly: SHA256 is not an encryption function, it's a hash function. So you can't actually "decrypt" it. What you're asking for is a practical preimage attack on SHA256. As far as I know there's no such attack in the wild today. However, if you can share some more information about what data was provided as the input to the hash function, this might help to reverse engineer it. For example, if you have a SHA256-hash of a password, knowing the number of characters of input can help to determine whether it's possible to brute-force a solution or not.
  5. AlphaBeta

    Mining versus buying Bitcoin

    That's a fair point. Then investing money in mining equipment is like hedging your bets on Bitcoin price. If the price goes down by a lot, at least you still have the equipment that you can re-sell if necessary to recuperate your costs. If the price goes up a lot, you still make some profit but may have missed out on the short-term gains from buying directly.
  6. AlphaBeta

    New guy here. Vet in the markets. I make trading bots

    Welcome to the community, Chris! Thanks for your intro, look forward to seeing you around in the coming weeks. Let us know once you launch the trading bot! It sounds very interesting.
  7. AlphaBeta

    Mining versus buying Bitcoin

    Many people can't afford to buy precisely 1 BTC, because it's anywhere between $6000 and $20000 depending on the time of year. But you can always buy a fractional Bitcoin. So you could buy 0.2 BTC without needing to invest as much. Even pool mining is not easy, because you need to have enough mining power to be worthwhile. In my experience, the price of enough mining equipment to make even pool mining profitable would still be better off spent just buying Bitcoin directly. Unless you live in an area where electricity is extremely cheap (or free) so that you'd be able to realistically compete with mining farms in China and Russia.
  8. AlphaBeta

    Has Bitcoin lost its way?

    I don't think we've seen the worst yet. There's still a lot of work to go before Bitcoin becomes readily accessible to the general public. And until then (or until there is sufficient regulation in place) it will be very susceptible to price manipulation by whales. It'll go wherever the whales want it to go.
  9. AlphaBeta

    Hi Folks

    Welcome, Lockwood! Glad to have you here, and look forward to seeing any questions or news you'd like to share here
  10. Might I suggest some spelling corrections to the site? Just a couple of things I noticed while reading: HOW IT WORK? -> HOW IT WORKS? REGISTR YOUR ID -> REGISTER YOUR ID we’ve provided a information about our fund -> we've provided information about our fund
  11. AlphaBeta

    Bitcoin Atom Hard Fork

    Looks like this project is not active anymore 😐 The GitHub repo hasn't had any commits for over 2 weeks. And people are complaining about it on Bitcointalk.
  12. Popular live-streamer Ian Balina of was recently hacked in the middle of broadcasting a live video stream. According to The Next Web: This just serves as a reminder: your crypto holdings are only as strong as the weakest link. If you have some old recovery emails sitting around without adequate protection, now is a good time to update the security questions and add two-factor auth. Otherwise this could be you, too.
  13. AlphaBeta

    C-CEX Invite Code

    To be clear, the invite code is no longer needed. Registration is open to everyone. You can also sign up using my referral code:
  14. The Verge cryptocurrency (XVG) suffered a 51% attack on April 5th. An attacker exploited several bugs in the XVG code that enabled them to gain a majority of the mining power and generate free coins for themselves. The response from Verge? Calling it a "small attack": In fact, this wouldn't have been publicized much except for OCminer reporting the issue on Bitcointalk. Nonetheless, Verge have "accidentally" hard forked the cryptocurrency in the process of releasing an update that mitigates the impact. It looks like there will be interesting times ahead in the wake of this hack.
  15. AlphaBeta


    And another update this month: