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  1. AlphaBeta


    Interesting site... so users mine crypto in exchange for "spins" that can be used to play a slot machine. I wonder how long this takes to generate enough for the minimum withdrawal? It's quite high - this is what I see when I start playing and try to withdraw: That's about ~$220 USD minimum! For what it's worth, here's my link: BTC Heat
  2. The Gemini exchange has just launched a new stablecoin (GUSD) that promises to provide some competition for Tether (USDT). According to the official blog post: In addition, the company promises a strong auditing program: This will set them apart from Tether, who have had many controversies recently regarding their auditing practices. View the whitepaper for Gemini Dollar here:
  3. AlphaBeta


    Welcome! What sort of mining are you interested in? Do you already have a computer with a good graphics card (which might help you mining something like ETH) or are you looking for cloud mining solutions (there are several mentioned on the previous forum threads)?
  4. AlphaBeta

    Hello i a m new here!

    Welcome, @torkinakiza! It's great to hear a bit about your background and what brought you here. (and don't we all love free tokens? ) Look forward to seeing you around the forum more, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or suggestions about the site.
  5. @RobSlay - let's keep this thread on topic If you'd like to discuss a different site and different method of earning bitcoins, please start a new thread for that.
  6. AlphaBeta

    Zantepay Trading Competition

    Oh, I missed this. How did the trading competition go? Any big winners?
  7. From the company's official blog post: This is a big deal, because typically proof-of-stake (PoS) style cryptocurrencies requires storing your private keys on a computer system (so that the official software can access them). Enabling support for a hardware security device like the Ledger Nano S ensures that the private keys are never accessible to a vulnerable system, and even if the official wallet software is hacked your private keys will still remain secure. It's worth noting that the activation process for staking can take quite a long time. It's possible to speed this up, but at the risk of potentially losing privacy. From the company's FAQ: The Particl team are based in Prague, Czechia which is the same location as the Satoshi Labs team who make the popular Trezor device. So it'll be interesting to see if the Trezor One or Trezor Model T soon add support for cold staking on Particl too.
  8. AlphaBeta

    Bitsler Script Auto Stop Profit

    Thanks for sharing! Have you considered turning any of these scripts into Chrome extensions for convenience? P.S. For future reference, you can also format code using the dedicated button in the text editor toolbar. Then it'll look like this: <insert your code here>
  9. AlphaBeta

    July Contest - Win Free Bitcoin

    Update on the July Contest: This month the highest contributions of the members who entered were: @horkstandard - 13 posts (1 reputation) @MilkyArpon - 2 posts (0 reputation) This isn't quite enough for a prize yet (the minimum post count is 20). But feel free to try again in the August competition - keep posting and you may be able to win some shiny new crypto this month 😀 Thanks to everyone who participated, and to all the new members who signed up this month. See you again in August for the next round!
  10. This is cool - Metamask just added a new integration with the Trezor hardware security device: The Metamask chrome extension is already one of the easiest way for desktop users to interact with the crypto world. Now this makes it quick and simple to combine the simplicity of Metamask with the higher security of a hardware device for storing your private keys. I look forward to giving this a try! Anyone else tried using their Trezor with Metamask? How was your experience?
  11. AlphaBeta

    August Contest?

    Editor's note: These messages were originally posted on this thread: I've split them out into a new thread for clarity.
  12. Would you like to earn some free Bitcoin? Well, now's your chance! To encourage new members to participate in our community, we're running a competition this August. Regular participants will have the chance to win great prizes and be rewarded for their efforts. How does it work? It's simple, really. To enter this competition: Create an account Crypto Black Hat Forums. Reply to this thread telling us the BTC address where you'd like to receive your prize. Visit the homepage and start replying to threads Anything you post (including new threads and replies to existing threads) will count towards your total post count. At the end of the month, the users with the greatest contributions will be rewarded with a prize! What are the prizes? Well, this all depends on where you stand in the rankings at the end of the month: First Prize - $50 worth of BTC User with the highest number of unique posts created during August (minimum 30 posts and 5 reputation). Second Prize - $20 worth of BTC User with the second highest number of unique posts created during August (minimum 20 posts and 2 reputation). How will I know if I've won? All valid (non-spam) posts including replies to existing threads will count towards your post count, and your chance to win the prize! At the end of August we'll review all the entries, and post an update on this thread announcing the winners and the transaction link for both prizes awarded. --- Thanks for your support helping build this site into a great community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Let me know if you have any questions by replying below, or sending a private message. Good luck, and have fun!
  13. AlphaBeta

    Queensland Govt Seeks to Support Crypto Payments

    Looks like another exciting development for bringing crypto mainstream. Direct link for the relevant article:
  14. AlphaBeta

    I am the new guy on this forum

    Glad to have you here, @jcguy777! Welcome to the community, and thanks for sharing these resources. I look forward to hearing more of your tips in the future
  15. AlphaBeta

    August Contest?

    The July contest is finished already. I'll post a summary and start a new thread for August soon. Any posts made from the 1st of August will still count towards the competition for August once it's announced though 😃