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  1. bitcafe

    Coinbase Launches ZRX (0x) Trading

    And the price already went up
  2. bitcafe

    Welcome me

    Welcome! ?
  3. Thank you for sharing this. At the current price it is about $0.28 per day:
  4. bitcafe

    Blockchain Game Alliance

    Assassin's Creed on the Blockchain! ?
  5. There are also a few other companies doing this: I think the most important question is which exchanges will support GUSD? Most exchanges already support USDT so if they don't accept GUSD it will be hard to compete with that.
  6. bitcafe


    Thank you for sharing this magazine, I hope it can help us all to profit more especially on ICOs. I see ICOs are not as profitable as BTC this year so all the information about top performing coins is very helpful.
  7. bitcafe

    Hello i a m new here!

    Hello and welcome! What free airdrop tokens did you profit from the most?
  8. bitcafe


    Welcome! Crypto currency is great fun and I hope we can all learn a lot together. maybe even profit a lot ?
  9. bitcafe

    Canadian Government Launches Ethereum Block Explorer

    What will the government gain by launching a new blockchain explorer? Do they plan to make their own cryptocurrency or are they just joining the hype of "blockchain" that everybody is talking about now? I don't think this is actually new technology. According to the press release "The program is now hosting its blockchain explorer application, developed by Bitaccess, on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)."
  10. bitcafe

    Crypto Memes

    Source: Hackernoon
  11. Thanks for sharing all the payment proof. I hope to try this soon and see if it works for me too.
  12. Can you comment more on this? I thought there were many crypto currencies built on ETH?
  13. Wow! This is very cool. I hope it comes to the rest of the world soon because I want to pay for my Uber rides with BTC ?
  14. bitcafe


    How much time did you run the browser to earn 0.0009 BTC / $5 USD?
  15. bitcafe

    New guy here. Vet in the markets. I make trading bots

    Hi @bsmcryptotech! Can you share your experience with trading automation? I'm very interested in this too.