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  1. Does DS Exchange Wallet support hardware security devices like Ledger Nano S or Trezor? This would be a good security feature to help keep funds safe.
  2. Coinbase have announced that they will soon be adding support for ERC20 tokens in some of their products: Coinbase has traditionally been slow to add new assets, limiting its choices so far to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. But by adding ERC20 support, Coinbase could potentially add a plethora of new tokens without needing to individually evaluate and integrate any technology changes beforehand. So far the ERC20 support will only be available for Coinbase Custody. This means large scale investors rather than small-time traders using a regular Coinbase account. The company says "Custody will likely support more assets than those available to trade on GDAX or Coinbase for the foreseeable future." But there is a chance that these tokens will make their way to GDAX eventually.
  3. bitcafe

    I just found an easy way to mine Monero!

    I think Monero is a good investment in 2018. Thanks for sharing so we can monetize our websites and earn more of this promising cryptocurrency. Has anyone made much money with the referral program so far?
  4. bitcafe

    C-CEX Invite Code

    Does anyone here have an invite code for C-CEX exchange? If you do, please share it here or PM me. When I try to sign up without one it says "Wrong invite code"
  5. bitcafe

    [ICO] Coins4Favors - just one click away

    This reminds me of Maybe because it's related to crypto more people will use this platform and it will be successful too
  6. bitcafe

    Crypto Memes

    Source: CryptoCapone on Twitter
  7. bitcafe Review – Scam or Not?

    This is a great summary. I have heard good things about BitMEX and I'm sure they will be one of the major exchanges people trust in the next few years.
  8. bitcafe

    Nano / RaiBlocks Price After Rebrand

    I think the price will go up again soon. The same thing happened to AntShares when it renamed to NEO. Nano should be a good buy for 2018 I think. I hear it is a DAG-based cryptocurrency. Does anyone have a good simple explanation of how it works?
  9. bitcafe

    best litcoin faucet earn 480000 ltc in day

    Nice app Do you need to leave it open all the time to keep earning LTC?
  10. The whole crypto market is in a huge crash. Bitcoin price keeps going down, it is nearly at $7000 USD today. Do you think it will go lower? Will we see Bitcoin at $5000 by the end of February?
  11. This looks cool! Much easier than opening websites or installing a program on your computer. How much can I earn if I leave this running on my laptop all day?
  12. This News Token could be interesting as it stores key attributes of news contributions (like date/time, location, phone sensor data) on the blockchain so that it can be verified by other users. In the fight against fake news this is an important feature. More reading: News Token business plan
  13. Thank you for sharing this new coin! But what technology is used to mine the coins in the browser? I read the whitepaper and it says Since the browser mining is active now they must have chosen which technology to use? Is it an ERC20 token or something else?
  14. Today I read a news report saying that armed robbers broke into someone's home and forced them to transfer Bitcoin at gunpoint. This is a scary story, it could happen to anyone who publicly announces that they have bitcoins. How can I protect my Bitcoin against physical theft? Should I just not tell anyone that I have some? I wonder if there is some way to use a Ledger Nano S or Trezor device to protect against this kind of theft.
  15. bitcafe

    Trading Recommendations February 2018

    I think Cardano (ADA) will be very active in February. There was a lot of news about this coin in December and I have heard the team is very strong. Also IOTA and EOS look like good investments to me.