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  2. zeusmining

    Lots of Antminer S9 Control Boards, $40

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  5. Yes, we are working on the development of the Antminer S9 combination miner, using a combination of 2 S9, power consumption of 1550W, computing power 20T, is currently doing the final stress test, so stay tuned! Want to know more please click website: www.zeusbtc.com
  6. Bitcoin miners around the world are clearly optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency.Past weeks,a series of large mining operations surfaced.The most recent was a 240% expansion of Argo Blockchain in the UK. Argo Blockchain just announced,it has replaced the existing order with a larger order.Previously, the company ordered 5,000 Antminer s17 in the UK.But now, it has upgraded 10,000 more powerful and more advanced Antminer T17. The revised order greatly improved their mining level,Will increase their mining hashing ability by 240%.Become the world's largest publicly traded cryptocurrency company. Previous media recently reported on the upgrade of China's mining giant BitMain and its own business.Earlier this month,the company opened a bitcoin mine on a 33,000-acre site in Texas.Bitmain's initial planned total capacity is 25 MW.However it was upgraded to 50 MW,and it is possible to further expand to 300 MW.This will make it the largest mine on the planet. Before many large mines go online,bitcoin's hash rate has been hitting record highs this year.Just last week, the total computing power of the Bitcoin network was reported to reach 114.3 EH/s.Since then the index has declined,but in the long run, there is still a clear upward trend.Obviously, with the global investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to buy Bitcoin mining machines.It shows that people behind these actions are full of confidence in the prospects of cryptocurrency. With the expansion of the British company’s business in bitcoin mining,intensified the "arms race" of global bitcoin mining. Want to know more please click website: www.zeusbtc.com
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  8. Andrey Rybkin, former employee of the Russian Nuclear Research Center. In Russia's most advanced nuclear weapons research and development center, Unauthorized use of supercomputers to secretly dig bitcoins.On the 24th, he was sentenced to three years and three months imprisonment and was fined 200,000 rubles. According to the "RT" report, this top Russian nuclear weapons research facility is located in Sarov, 370 km from Moscow.Because Bitcoin requires expensive, powerful hardware and powerful features, Andrey Rybkin, who is well-versed in technology, clearly believes that this is the ideal place to get a lot of Bitcoin.Especially a few years ago, a new supercomputer was installed here. According to the report, in fact, Andrei Rabkin is not the only one who secretly digs bitcoin at this nuclear facility.Last month, another employee was fined 450,000 rubles for the same act, and another employee was sentenced to 4 years, suspended and fined. Want to know more please click website: www.zeusbtc.com
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  10. Bakkt released an official blog on Wednesday saying it would launch a bitcoin options contract based on the Bitcoin monthly futures contract. On the previous day, the monthly trading contract of the Bakkt Exchange just set a daily trading volume record. The exchange said in a blog post:“Bykt 9 will launch the first regulated bitcoin futures options contract from December 9. We are committed to bringing trust and usability to digital assets, and our options contracts are one of many products we develop for regulated markets. The Bakkt Bitcoin options contract will be based on the Bakkt monthly Bitcoin futures contract, which means we have taken another important step in developing this asset class for institutional investors, customers and investors." The article also said that the launch of the new option contract comes from customer feedback. ICE Futures has self-certified at the US regulator CFTC and is pleased to be able to use benchmark futures prices and institutional-level custody to meet the demand for regulated options contracts. Bakkt believes that its bitcoin options contracts are characterized by high capital efficiency, cash or physical settlement, low fees, large circulation and high liquidity, instant messaging systems, access to large trading opportunities and options analysis tools. In the article, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler mentioned that:“Since the launch of Bakkt Bitcoin futures a month ago, we have been working closely with market participants to build liquidity and increase market transparency. It is worth noting that yesterday we saw a record 590 Bakkt Bitcoin monthly futures contract Change hands, we have completed a milestone, achieving a seamless physical delivery of daily and monthly bitcoin futures contracts."
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  12. According to CoinHolmes, at 17:43 yesterday, CoinHolmes monitored the start address of the dark network 1923qx and transferred the 4,903 BTC to the starting address of 12wseg. "Agora" at 1923qx is currently the largest drug market on the dark network. Since September 2015, the address has been silent for four years, and BTC funds have been frequently transferred again on October 21 this year. As of now, the darknet address has transferred 9,094 BTCs to four new addresses, and no further asset movements have occurred. Want to know more please click website: www.zeusbtc.com
  13. For more information, please click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNtFnG_ePfs&lc=z23aszfp4vjut3yl0acdp435qnxwmr32ydsarfo5r25w03c010c or www.zeusbtc.com
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