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    Would you like to earn some free Bitcoin? Well, now's your chance! To encourage new members to participate in our community, we're running a competition this August. Regular participants will have the chance to win great prizes and be rewarded for their efforts. How does it work? It's simple, really. To enter this competition: Create an account Crypto Black Hat Forums. Reply to this thread telling us the BTC address where you'd lik´╗┐e to receive your prize. Visit the homepage and start replying to threads Anything you post (including new threads and replies to existing threads) will count towards your total post count. At the end of the month, the users with the greatest contributions will be rewarded with a prize! What are the prizes? Well, this all depends on where you stand in the rankings at the end of the month: First Prize - $50 worth of BTC User with the highest number of unique posts created during August (minimum 30 posts and 5 reputation). Second Prize - $20 worth of BTC User with the second highest number of unique posts created during August (minimum 20 posts and 2 reputation). How will I know if I've won? All valid (non-spam) posts including replies to existing threads will count towards your post count, and your chance to win the prize! At the end of August we'll review all the entries, and post an update on this thread announcing the winners and the transaction link for both prizes awarded. --- Thanks for your support helping build this site into a great community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Let me know if you have any questions by replying below, or sending a private message. Good luck, and have fun!
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    Wallet: 1mn1NvtnCkRokVbCKsQEZWBkhVvtU9toz Long live this forum !
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