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    While I agree that mining is not also cheap,I prefer mining because of the volatility of the crypto. Imagine people who bought Bitcoin around Dec 2017 when it had shot to $20,000. Now,it's $6500! They will need to wait for a long time to recover their money! If one invested let's say $2000 in mining and another in buying and keep,in 3yrs mining may have earned around 2 BTC thus making more profit.
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    hi bitcoiners i just found this amazing Bitcoin Mining Browser that runs just like google chrome but mines bitcoin for you in the background while you simply surf the internet. Its a "Special web browser with built-in mining features. Familiar Chrome user interface combined with extremely fast mining speed. Mine and browse at the same time!" Here are my latest payments: Download the browser HERE and start mining your own bitcoins for free! Happy earning!
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    Greetings: Im Vision, AKA Chris Johnson. I am a software developer and lifestyle entrepreneur. I hope to help people learn the truth about market manipulation, trading automation, and wealth manifestation. I currently am launching another trading bot this week. Let's connect!
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    That's a fair point. Then investing money in mining equipment is like hedging your bets on Bitcoin price. If the price goes down by a lot, at least you still have the equipment that you can re-sell if necessary to recuperate your costs. If the price goes up a lot, you still make some profit but may have missed out on the short-term gains from buying directly.
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    Would you like to earn some free Bitcoin? Well, now's your chance! To encourage new members to participate in our community, we're running a competition this February. Regular participants will have the chance to win great prizes and be rewarded for their efforts. How does it work? It's simple, really. To enter this competition: Create an account Crypto Black Hat Forums. Reply to this thread telling us the BTC address where you'd like to receive your prize. Visit the homepage and start replying to threads Anything you post (including new threads and replies to existing threads) will count towards your total post count. At the end of the month, the users with the greatest contributions will be rewarded with a prize! What are the prizes? Well, this all depends on where you stand in the rankings at the end of the month: First Prize - $50 worth of BTC User with the highest number of unique posts created during February(minimum 30 posts). Second Prize - $20 worth of BTC User with the second highest number of unique posts created during February (minimum 20 posts). How will I know if I've won? All valid (non-spam) posts including replies to existing threads will count towards your post count, and your chance to win the prize! At the end of February we'll review all the entries, and post an update on this thread announcing the winners and the transaction link for both prizes awarded. --- Thanks for your support helping build this site into a great community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Let me know if you have any questions by replying below, or sending a private message. Good luck, and have fun!
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    Thanks for your entries in the January competition! This month none of the entries reached the minimum post threshold, but join in the competition for February for another chance to win free Bitcoin
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    Thanks everyone for entering the February contest! This month none of the entrants quite reached the minimum post count (20) for second prize. The closest was idbuilder, with Nafian next in line. Congratulations on your efforts - even though we didn't have a winner this time, your contributions to the community are valuable and hopefully you'll have even more success in future competitions. To all the contestants, and all the new members who joined the site this month - thanks for joining. Welcome to the community, and keep an eye out for more competitions coming up soon
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