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    The Eobot cryptocurrency exchange has an interesting policy for storing customer coins to protect against the possibility of their site being hacked: What do you think of this approach? Is it a good idea to have a separate wallet for use in the event of a hack? Or does this incentivize the wrong kind of behavior?
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    Saya tidak begitu mengetahui ini.. Karena saya pengguna cryptocurrency baru 12fYn8deZsDwoNNcbp8WGfzh5GT7kaTwMA
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    Welcome to the Crypto Black Hat community! This forum is a place to share and discuss the latest ideas about cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain-based technologies - even those that aren't used as currencies. There's a special dedicated area for discussion about cryptocurrency security and "black hat" principles, which is a rapidly growing field of research. Feel free to discuss the latest developments and security exploits being seen in the wild, and what effect these might have on the future of cryptocurrencies. On behalf of the team here, I'd like to officially welcome you to the community. Please reach out to me or another one of the mods if you have any questions or concerns. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome too. I hope you enjoy your stay! Cheers, AlphaBeta and the Crypto Black Hat team.
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